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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Wed May 18th, 2011
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OMG!!! Yesterday I found out something juicy about the
recent split of former California Governor ARNOLD
SCHWARZENEGGER and MARIA SHRIVER. Arnold had an affair
with a female member of their household staff 10 years ago,
oh did I mention he got her pregnant and they have a child
whose now 10 years old. When Arnold told Maria about the
paternity well that's when Maria left their Brentwood Mansion.
The employee retired in January 2011 after 20 years with the
family. Arnold has apologized to Maria, his family, and his friends. Wow, 25 years of love and trust down the toilet.

Did you hear that BRANDY, TATYANA ALI ("Love That Girl"),
and DANIELLE FISHEL ("Topanga", "Boy Meets World") are
all getting naked for a good cause. The reason the girls are
doing this because they are raising awareness about the
dangers of skin cancer. So they disrobed to appear in a new
public service announcement urging people to use sunscreen
on a daily basis. The advertisement will come out this summer
and will be called, "NAKED".

Did you hear that JOHNNY DEPP has "royal blood" in him??
Family tree expert NICK BARRATT has uncovered that Johnny
could be linked to a bloodline to QUEEN ELIZABETH II.
Johnny and QEII share the same 19-time great grandfathers
that go over 5 centuries to where his ancestors became
royal. But Nick doubts that they will ever be able to prove it

LEIGHTON MEESTER ("Gossip Girl") & JUSTIN LONG ("DREW BARRYMORE'S EX) are dating. They were spotted in
Hollywood on Sunday at the French bistro "La Poubelle" where
they were holding hands outside the restaurant. Leighton
broke up with her "G.G" co-star SEBASTIAN STAN last year
and Justin broke up with Drew in 2008 but are still friends and
played lovers in the 2010 comedy "Going The Distance".

At one time JENNIFER LOPEZ tried to open a fashion line called
"Sweetface" that didn't do too well. But now she and hubby
MARC ANTHONY are teaming up with Kohl's Department
Stores and promises to get it right this time. Even TOMMY
HILFIGER who worked with J-Lo in the new partnership and
says she's fully engaged with a company that is professionally
staffed to really develop anything she wants from towels to
knee-high suede boots.

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