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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Tues Sept 24th, 2013
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On Friday Night when JON GOSSELIN was returning home from his waiter job
at "THE BLACK DOG" in Beckersville, Pa, when a female paparazzi followed him
back to his secluded cabin home with a camera. She started taking pictures which
was a mistake because he pulled out a a gun out of the back of his pants, then fired
off a warning shot and followed her until she had left his property. Jon had said he
acted well within his rights because the gun was legally licensed.

Beginning February 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia there will be a new biopic being
filmed about the life and times of "TUPAC SHAKUR". Morgan Creek Productions
will start shooting the biopic with Tupac's mother "AFENI" producing. Tupac was
shot 4 times at a stoplight and died back in 1996 in Las Vegas.

SIMON COWELL & LAUREN SILVERMAN whose been having an affair and is
pregnant with a son on the way from Simon, was spotted having an argument
in their SUV because Lauren has "trust issues" with Simon because he's still
very close with his ex-girlfriend especially his most closest "MEZHGAN
HUSSAINY". Lauren wants Simon to get Mezhgan out of his life for good, but
he loves Mezhgan's company and doesn't like for Lauren to order him around,
but he's very serious about trying to make it work with Lauren and their son.

Former "SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE" star and now star of "BROOKLYN NINE-NINE"
"ANDY SAMBERG" married his girlfriend "JOANNA NEWSOM" whose a singer-
songwriter. They've been engaged since February and were married in Big Sur
at The Post Ranch Inn.

On Friday LIAM HEMSWORTH has moved his stuff out of the house he once
shared with his ex "MILEY CYRUS". As you know now Liam is now seeing
Mexican Singer/Actress "EIZA GONZALEZ", he even was spotted last Tuesday
kissing her in front of her Beverly Hills apartment.

Before "IDRIS ELBA" ("LUTHER" & "THE WIRE") became a stellar actor, he was
selling marijuana in New York City. Idris is from Britain and he headed to The
United States in 1999 to find his career in acting, but he was homeless and living
in his car. He was selling "weed" on the streets and even DJ'ing to make ends
meet. Idris will be playing "NELSON MANDELA" in a biopic called "MANDELA:
LONG WALK TO FREEDOM", he even spent a night in jail which is nothing
compared to when Mr. Mandela spent 18 years.

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