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Kenyatta The Gossip Girl Tues Oct 22nd, 2013
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In 6 days from today "COREY FELDMAN" ("LOST BOYS") has a biography
coming out called "COREYORGRAPHY" and what an eye-opening book it
is. As you know he and the other "Corey", "COREY HAIM", (who had a really
bad drug problem for many years until his death from pneumonia in 2010),
talks about their rocky relationship as best buds to Corey Haim's addiction to
cocaine and how they were sexually abused by older men when they were
just in their early teens, "this was when "Lost Boys" had came out in theaters
back in 1987 and then a year before when Corey Haim was doing his movie
"LUCAS". So the cocaine with Corey Haim was so bad ("he's been doing since
11 years old which was also when he was sexually abused, by other men"). It
ended up so bad that it put a strain on Corey Feldman's relationship where
Feldman had a relationship with MICHAEL JACKSON (which he said Michael
never came on to him). So then Feldman hosted a party with "MISTRESS"
star ALYSSA MILANO (who dated Corey Haim at the time), and one night Feldman
passed out at the club owner's place and when he awaken with his pants down
he noticed the man was on top of him. After 3 drug arrests one of which was in 1990
where Feldman was arrested with 25 balloons of heroin in his possession, that was
his wake-up call to stay clean and thankfully to this day he still is. He somewhant
blames himself for Corey Haim's death, but he said the #1 problem in Hollywood
will always be "pedophilia".

RIDER STRONG ("BOY MEETS WORLD") got married Sunday in Oregon
in a summer camp to his lady of 6 years "ALEXANDRA BARRETO". I
heard the party had ropes course, games, and a talent show. But he wasn't
the only "Boy Meets World" cast members who got hitched, "DANIELLE
FISHEL" who played "Topanga" married her man "TIM BELUSKO" in Los
Angeles on Saturday, it would have been nice for "BEN SAVAGE" to show
up to both or either or.

As fans are so excited and geared up to see "DRAKE" was going to perform
in Philadelphia, "he postpones his performance". Saturday he was going to
do his 2nd gig of his "WOULD YOU LIKE A TOUR" show. At "The Wells Fargo
Center" in Philly. It was due to "technical difficulties" that he had to postpone
the show one hour before show time, so the show will resume Wednesday
December 18th.

On Sunday my favorite guilty pleasure on ABC is "ONCE UPON A TIME".
Well the executive producers and show's creators "ADAM HOROWITZ &
EDDY KITISIS". Has someone who will be voicing the character named
"SHADOW" that promises fans it will make your skin crawl. The voice
they have chosen is: "MARILYN MASON". Marilyn was so popular in the 90s
he talked and sang about cross-dressing, satanism, and dark music videos.
Both Adam and Eddy are huge fans of Marilyn.

How did "ZAC EFRON" celebrate his 26th birthday??? "QUITE SOBER!!!" He
celebrated with a round of golf with his dad during the day and then later a
small shindig with friends at The Chateau Marmont with ROBERT PATTINSON,
JOE JONAS, MICHAEL B. JORDAN ("I hear no females was in attendance".)
But something I heard Joe Jonas has something very much in common with
Zac, for sometime he has been battling his own drug addiction for quite some
time, he even has the same addiction specialist that "DEMI LOVATO" had since
her problems with drugs, "which probably explains why last week he and the rest
of The Jonas Brothers had cancelled their tour".

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