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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Wed Nov 6th, 2013
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Great News to tell you, "WOLVERINE" (HUGH JACKMAN) fans. Since "The
Wolverine" was such a big hit this summer, Hugh will reprise the role. In May
2014 Hugh will be next seen in "X MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST". The
next "Wolverine" sequel will be directed by JAMES MANGOLD.

"ROOTS" is making a comeback, this time not on ABC but on "THE HISTORY
CHANNEL". TV Executives have acquired the right to the 1976 book made
by "ALEX HALEY" and then became a 1977 mega series on ABC that won 9
Emmy Awards with 37 nominations and the finale was the 3rd highest rated
program in The United States "EVER!!!" DAVID L. WOLPER is going to executive
produce the remake, which is fitting because his late father "MARK" executive
produced the "Roots" original.

"ASHTON KUTCHER" is doing something cool to help mentor young people,
"online". He signed up for "POPEXPERT.COM" which offers users to video
chat with professionals including Ashton about different industries and gain
insight for their own well-being and success. He's going to use his real name
"CHRISTOPHER KUTCHER" on "Popexpert.com" and charge users $5 to video
chat for one-hour with Ashton....oops I mean "Christopher" for one hour and $10
more for any other additional sessions. However it's not going to be easy because
users must sign up for the waiting list because "Christopher" won't be available
anytime soon. By the way, last week he and his ex-wife "DEMI MOORE" have
finally signed their divorce papers last week after an almost 2 year court battle
and are finally going to do the paperwork to end their marriage..."meaning
that he and current sweetheart "MILA KUNIS" could walk down that aisle soon.

So DREW BARRYMORE is "preggers again". She and her husband "WILL
KOPELMAN" are having their 2nd child and this past Saturday Drew wore
a loose fitting maxi dress where you could see her baby bump at "THE LOS
ANGELES COUNTY MUSEUM OF ART GALA", they already have a 1 year
old daughter named "OLIVE" ("A name I so love!!!!")

Speaking of another "preggers", KERRY WASHINGTON of ABC's "SCANDAL"
and her husband of 5 months NFL's "NNAMDI ASOMUGHA" with her parents
appeared at "THE SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE" after-party on November 2nd.
The party was at "ASELLINA" and when she arrived she got a standing ovation,
Saturday Night Live cast member "SETH MEYERS" and the man who started it
all "LORNE MICHAELS" was in attendance.

E! Will be doing something next week, weekday morning from 7am-9am,
"airing reruns of SAVED BY THE BELL". The show made 90s teen icons
MARIO LOPEZ, ELIZABETH BERKLEY, and although he an outcast with
the cast but did make the show what it was then and still is today, "DUSTIN

Although this was the famous kiss scene in 1996's "SCREAM" that gave COURTENEY
COX & DAVID ARQUETTE husband and wife over 14 years (technically it was only
11 years). I just found out that David and his on-off again girlfriend "CHRISTINA
MCLARTY" are going to have a child (Christina is 4 months pregnant). David will be
a father again because he and Courteney already have a 9 year old daughter

There's more drama in CHARLIE SHEEN land and it involves ex-wives "DENISE
RICHARDS & BROOKE MUELLER" and Brooke's twin sons "MAX & BOB". Now kids
follow me very closely to every word of this story, Denise was granted temporary
custody of "Max & Bobby" in May until the end of this year because their mother
Brooke's drug use has gotten really seriously bad. Now Denise can no longer care for
the 4 year old twin boys because they have become violent to Denise's 3 daughters,
SAM 9, LOLA 8, and she has an adopted daughter 2 year old "ELOISE" and even
Denise's dogs. Denise wrote a letter to The L.A. County Department of Children
and Family Services blaming Brooke for the twins behavior. That isn't all, the boys
have even acted out in school by hitting other classmates and even slapping their
own teachers ("Does anybody in a good ass whooping anymore????") The letter
even back up Charlie's claim that the boys freak out when they spend time with
Brooke. "I guarantee all of you right now, there is an ugly custody battle brewing
between Brooke and Charlie, and it would be a shame if the babies were to end
up in a foster or group home by age 6!!!"

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