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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Tues Nov 19th, 2013
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As you know "ALEC BALDWIN" is in "HUGE" trouble for calling a photographer
a gay slur. Because of that his talk show on MSNBC has been suspended for 2
shows. But someone is coming to his defense and it's his 17 year old daughter
"IRELAND". She tweeted that her father is not a homophobe or a racist and
paparazzi can bring out many confined feelings of anger and spite out of anyone.
How we forget about 6 or 7 years ago Alec berated Ireland on a voicemail, that
people were pretty upset with him.

It's nice to have mother-daughter time together. MADONNA and her daughter
"LOURDES LEON" whose already 17, had a low-key dinner in the West Village
at a place called "GRADISCA RISTORANTE" where I heard they had a nice
quiet meal and had a great time together.

For this 3rd story I have to tell you about a party JUSTIN BIEBER threw at his
California house about 4 days ago, it was called "A GATSBY PARTY!!!" So
Justin had all his guests sign a confidentiality agreement which meant that no
one at the party could tweet, text, phone, Facebook, record, or write on what
happened at the party, if they did they would pay Justin "$3 MILLION DOLLARS".
Then the sheriff deputies (that sounds so downsouth) were called to the house
3 times because they smelled marijuana. "$3 Million Dollars to pay Justin if you
told what happened inside??", "Get the F**k out of here!!!!"

Although it's been rough since the death of her "GLEE" co-star and boyfriend
"CORY MONTEITH", "LEA MICHELE" is doing much better, she's been working
on "GLEE" and she shot a video for her upcoming album this past Sunday. Lea's
not looking to date anyone anytime soon but she is spending time with her close
friends and staying to her work.

Over the weekend PETE WENTZ & ASHLEE SIMPSON reunited for their son's
"BRONX" 5th birthday in Studio City, California. It was a family and friends'
gathering of 120 guests at "THE COOP" which is a party space for children.
Ashlee's guests included her boyfriend "EVAN ROSS" with his mother "DIANA
ROSS", and Ashlee's mother "TINA", sister "JESSICA" and her fiance "ERIC
JOHNSON" with their kids, "MAXWELL & ACE". On Pete's side was his new
girlfriend "MEAGAN CAMPER" and his parents were along for the party.

There's a biopic of "SUSAN BOYLE" coming soon and I hear that Oscar-
Winner "MERYL STREEP" is on the top of the list to play her, along with
"GLENN CLOSE" and "CATHERINE ZETA-JONES" in the running. As you
know Susan won "BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT" in 2009 and sold 19 Million
albums worldwide, and has earned 2 Grammy Nominations. The biopic
is being produced by BGT boss SIMON COWELL and Fox Searchlight
Studio Executives.

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