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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Mon Nov 25th, 2013
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We start Thanksgiving week with talking about "HUGH JACKMAN" and his
health scare. On Thursday he posted an Instagram picture of himself with
a bandage on his nose, but he had a form of "Basal Cell Carcinomas"
which is a form of skin cancer. It looks like open sores, red patches, pink
growths, shiny bumps, or scars. There are rare cases that the BBC spreads
to other parts of the body and then becoming life threatening.

So there maybe "reconcilly" with "EMINEM" and his ex-wife "KIM MATHERS".
Kim's mother "KATHY SLUCK" says they see each other all the time and are
getting along quite well, he's even building Kim a new mansion five miles from
his own home on Mile Road on Macomb, Michigan. Just last month their
daughter "HAILIE" was crowned Homecoming Queen of her high school "Chippewa
Valley" where her mother attended with her and Em watching from inside the

JENNIFER LAWRENCE is getting a lot of buzz from "HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING
FIRE" but Wednesday night at a New York premiere she couldn't handle dozens
of photographers screaming at her to take a photo snapshots so she went off on
them. I heard that she has complained of stomach pains but the doctor says it
was not an ulcer but they can't pinpoint what's wrong.

AMANDA BYNES has been found mentally competent to stand trial for her April
2012 DUI Arrest, her throwing out a bong out the window in New York City
apartment, and setting a small fire in a household driveway in Thousand Oaks,
California. In August she was placed in a 30 day psychiatric hold 17 days after
she was hospitalized. Her mother "LYNN" has been granted legal control over
Amanda's well-being and financial control while she recovering at an undisclosed

ONE DIRECTION'S "HARRY STYLES" loves his famous women. He dated
"TAYLOR SWIFT" and now he's starting to get to know "KENDALL JENNER".
Last week Wednesday in West Hollywood he and Kendall were spotted having
dinner and later leaving the restaurant in his black Range Rover, they are friends
and maybe down the line it could be more.

MADONNA'S daughter "LOURDES LEON" were spotted together touring "THE
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN". Madge used to go to the campus but never
graduated. Lourdes whose 17 was there to learn about their musical theather
program, Lourdes currently attends Manhattan's prestigious LaGuardia High
School of Music & Art of Performing Arts.

Former "THE HILLS" star WHITNEY PORT is engaged to her man "TIM ROSENMAN"
who worked as a field producer on her MTV spinoff series "THE CITY".

"AARON CARTER is bankrupt!!!" In legal documents his assets are listed to about
$8,200 he even owns the IRS over $1,368,000. He said his monthly average
income is only $1,999 monthly.

CHRIS BROWN was suppose to spend some time at a Mailbu rehab facility but
now he's been "thrown out!!!" During a family therapy session he once again
flew into violent rage and then he threw a rock through his mother's car window.
So now he's been sent to a different live-in anger management facility for 3 months
and let's see how long this will last.

WILL SMITH and his co-star "MARGOT ROBBIE" of their upcoming new movie,
"FOCUS" were at a photocall in Buenos Aires, Argentina and he didn't get too
close to Margot because you know in New Orleans last month they were spotted
in a photobooth doing naughty things when the curtain was closed, so Will is
really being careful what he's doing in public, although I think this will be the
"coming-end" for he and his current wife, "JADA PINKETT-SMITH".

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