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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Wed Nov 27th, 2013
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I'm still in disbelief over Sunday Night's "FAMILY GUY" episode where "BRIAN
THE DOG" dies. Brian had got hit by a car in the episode, "LIFE WITH BRIAN"
with the entire family watching him die. Well fans are shocked and they are
writing a petition to bring "Brian" back alive on the show. "This reminds me of
a TV show that did this nearly 30 years ago and they bought a character back
to life, but I wont say what to jinx this!!!"

DOCTOR CONRAD MURRAY did an interview with "Daily Mail" and he talks
about how close he and MICHAEL JACKSON were before Michael's death.
He even talked about how he held Michael's penis ("GET YOUR MINDS OUT
OF THE GUTTER") to fit a catheter because he was incontinent at night, talking
about he was going to the toilet for hours. Days before Michael's death he lived
in filth and paranoia that he thought his housekeeping staff was out to get him
he didn't even let his clothing go into the laundry because of fear they would
sell it.

This may be the last season of "KATIE" because I heard she will be leaving
ABC NEWS and doing the new for "YAHOO", but no one knows what kind
of news she'll be doing for "Yahoo".

The day before MILEY CYRUS 21st Birthday, "her house got robbed!!" Friday
Afternoon there was no signs of forced entry or no injuries, their was property
missing from Miley's house.

JOSH BROLIN has checked himself to a rehab facility in Northern California.
Earlier this month in L.A. he has had drunken brawls and recently he got into
a fist fight in a Santa Monica pub and also in a shouting match with a cab
driver in Del Taco drive through all in just one weekend. As for his and his
wife "DIANE LANE" they are in the process of divorcing.

As you know tomorrow's Thanksgiving and "KEVIN BACON & KYRA
SEDGWICK" appeared at The Food Bank In New York City in Harlem
on Sunday to make 1,000 Thanksgiving meals for high-need communities
in the area. They felt they needed to give back, as for them they are going
to have a great Bacon Family Thanksgiving plus they are also celebrating
their daughter "SOSIE" for becoming "2014 MISS GOLDEN GLOBE".

Well I missed "THE AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS" but the big winners were
"Artist Of the Year", "Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist", "Favorite Country
Album". Justin won for "Favorite Pop/Rock Male Artist", "Favorite Soul/
R&B Male Artist", "Favorite Soul/R&B Album" and "RIHANNA" won for
"Icon Award".

KIM ZOLCIAK ("REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA") has given birth to twins
"A girl" and then "a boy". This is she and her husband "KROY BIERMANN"
("ATLANTA FALCONS") 4th kids because they already have KASH, 2 and
KJ, 1. Technically Kim has 6 kids because she had 2 daughters from a previous
relationship ARIANNA, 12 and BRIELLE, 16 which Kroy adopted them in July,
they call themselves now, "THE BIERMANN BUNCH".

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TONY SANTIAGO" from 6pm-9pm with my gossip reports at 6:30pm & 7:30pm
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on Monday!!!!

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