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Suggestions for Creative Dating
Date: 2007/08/26 11:21 By: vicpub Status: Moderator  
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I would like to start this thread of all the posters' suggestions for a creative dating strategy.

Let me start with:

1. Creating love letters - Buy special paper , coloring pens and other art materials. A best setting for this activity is a room with a good table for making cards or love letters. Make a love letter, decorate it. When done, exchange letters and read them in front of each other. Just be careful, torrid romance always ensues after this activity.

2. Sunrise date - There's nothing more romantic than a lover waking up her loved one on a very early morning and asking her to go out with him for a walk to meet the sunrise. You can drive her to the beach or go to other location where you can see sunrise at its best. Finish up with a brunch at a restaurant.

Now, it's your turn to suggest other ways to date creatively. ;)
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Re:Suggestions for Creative Dating
Date: 2007/09/04 14:40 By: Geline Status: User  
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Well, this situation would prove to be as creative as well:

On a special occasion, say a girlfriend's birthday or the lovers' anniversary day, the boyfriend pretends to be ignoring and forgetting the special event. Naturally, the girl would feel down and hopeless of a special date on that special day. On the day or on the night itself, the boyfriend comes, brings the best flowers and chocolates and surprises his lover with a dinner date at home in which he cooks a very delicious meal.

Well, for me, there's nothing as romantic as being spoiled with yummy food being given or prepared by my boyfriend. This will prove to be a very hot prelude and makes me feel horny.
:) :kiss:
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