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Recipe for the Heart
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Chocolate Cream Cherries

1 (14-oz.) can pitted black cherries
1 recipe Chocolate Cream

Drain cherry juice; reserve. Drain cherries on paper toweling. Place small amount of chocolate cream in pastry bag; pipe into cherries. Reserve. Place reserved juice in saucepan; heat to boiling. Reduce until sauce coats spoon. Let cool.

Chocolate Cream

7 gelatin leaves, soaked in cold water
6 oz. white chocolate
10 oz. heavy cream
4 egg whites
4 oz. sugar
2 tbsp. kirsch

Dissolve gelatin in pan in bain marie. Place chocolate in top half of double boiler; melt. Remove from heat; add dissolved gelatin. Let cool. Whip cream to soft peaks. Beat egg whites, gradually adding sugar, to stiff peaks. Fold meringue into whipped cream; fold in chocolate. Reserve at room temperature.
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