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What Our Features Say About Us
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I feel as though my entire life has been one long quest to find out who I am. I’ve consulted psychics, had tarot card and palm readings, and read every astrological personality profile out there. Somehow, none of them gives me a good enough look at myself. The one thing I haven’t tried, oddly enough, is looking in a mirror.

Physical characteristics such as eye shape, finger lengths, and so forth can actually indicate certain personality traits, according to some forms of divination. To truly find ourselves, perhaps we should stop looking to the stars and begin the journey a little closer to home—with our faces, fingers, and feet.

The Face
According to followers of face reading, the features on our faces all say something different about us.

One way to analyze the eyes is to figure out whether you have wide-set or narrow-set eyes. Look at the space between your eyes—can you imagine another eye fitting there? The width of that space—narrow (there is no room for another eye), wide (there is plenty of room), or balanced (another eye fits perfectly)—indicates your view of the world.

Narrow: Closed-minded, dependent on others, very focused
Wide: Open-minded, aversion to authority figures, independent
Balanced: Good judgment, a balanced perspective on situations

Eye and eyebrow shape represent your general state of mind as well.

Round or Curved Eyes and/or Eyebrows: Led by emotion, sensitive
Straight Eyes/Eyebrows: Analytical, rational

Ascending Eyes (Eyes Slanted Upward): Positive attitude, focused on goals
Descending Eyes (Eyes Slanted Downward): Tendency toward negativity, vulnerability

In Chinese face reading, the nose is related to how one deals with financial matters.

Big Nose: Could get too caught up in money
Small Nose: Shy, timid
Wide Nose: Emotional, laid-back
Thin Nose: Tightly-wound, temperamental

The tip of your nose and where it points—to the left, the right, or centered—indicates how you spend your money. If it goes toward the right, you might spend more on others than yourself. A left-leaning nose means the opposite, and one that lies in the middle allots money equally.

The shape of your lips offers insight into your role within the relationships you have with others.

Small Lips: Self-involved, stingy, greedy
Large Lips: Giving, affinity for the finer things
Full Lips: Emotional, caring, empathetic
Thin Lips: Logical, introverted, cut off from emotions
Thinner Upper Lip: Selfish, unable to give equally in relationships
Thinner Lower Lip: Excessively generous in relationships

The Fingers
When reading the fingers, length and proportion are very important indicators of personality.

Long Fingers: Deep-thinking, logical
Short Fingers: Goes by gut, sensible

When certain fingers stand out more than others do, it represents a particular quality that stands out within the person. A study found that kids who have shorter ring fingers than pointer fingers tend to be more aggressive, while the opposite trait yielded more emotional, anxious children. However, those who practice palmistry (the study of hands) believe that the prominence of each finger can point to different traits.

Pointer Finger: Bold, self-assured, ambitious
Pinky Finger: Expressive, verbose
Ring Finger: Artistic, creative, sensitive
Middle Finger: Strong will, calm disposition

According to this Web site, the finger that you put rings on also means something. If you place the ring on your index or pointer finger, it means that you project confidence but could actually be unsure of yourself. If the ring goes on your middle finger, you might crave foundation and stability, especially in financial matters. Pinky ring-wearers could be easily consumed by material wealth.

The Feet
Podomancy is the study of feet as a means of divination. Those who analyze feet look at the lines on the soles (not unlike palm reading), the shape of toes and toenails, and so forth.

Serena Powers specializes in different kinds of divination, including podomancy. She believes that each toe, depending on which foot it’s on, stands for a certain characteristic. The shape of that toe indicates how that characteristic is represented in the person.

Right Foot
Big toe = happiness, second toe = desire, third toe = combativeness, fourth toe = relationship to others, pinky toe = being scared

Left Foot
Big toe = sadness, second toe = feelings, third toe = ingenuity, fourth toe = affection, pinky toe = trust

So, if a particular toe is short, you might have trouble sharing that trait with others. Pointed toes indicate imbalance. Toes that are round at the top indicate empathy and a tendency toward the emotional, while a squared toe top means you approach things more practically.

Toes that bend in toward each other suggest the person lacks confidence in that area and is scared of being in charge. Crooked toes signify the easy adoption of other’s thoughts and opinions rather than standing apart.

The height of your arch is also indicative of your personality. Those with high arches are academic in nature, independent by necessity, and tend to sway from logical thinking to grandiose ideas. Low or no arches tend to belong to those who are steadfastly practical and dependent on other people.

Granted, there are lots of ways to reveal your personality, and none of them are foolproof or concrete, but there’s something to be said for looking at our outsides to find ourselves within. At any rate, it’s a lot cheaper than hiring a palm reader.
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