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Lions bounce-back plans could be thwarted by evil
Date: 2009/08/03 20:38 By: iluvgossip Status: User  
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If you're looking for positive omens regarding the fate of the Detroit Lions in 2009, I'm afraid I have bad news. An early look at the scoreboard shows "Golf Carts 1, Detroit Lions 0."

Wide receiver Bryant Johnson(notes) is going to miss the start of training camp because of injuries he suffered in a golf cart accident at his home. From Tom Kowalski of MLive.com:

"Bryant, unfortunately, had a golf cart accident back in early July,'' Lions coach Jim Schwartz said. "It was something we were well aware of. We took a couple of trips down to Atlanta to see him.

"There are no orthopedic issues with it, a lot of superficial wounds, road rash and those kinds of things. We'll take our time ... with him.''

The fact that I've never suffered a catastrophic injury because I'm an idiot with a golf cart is due only to sheer luck, so I'm in no position to throw stones. The weird thing about it, though? Johnson wasn't even playing golf.

He was at home, and he told MLive.com that in his community, everyone uses golf carts to get around. He was in his cart, accidentally tipped it, and slid down a hill about ten yards.

Here's wishing him a speedy recovery. I took this opportunity to look around YouTube for golf cart crashes, and if you've got a few minutes, I recommend it.
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