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Welcome to premiere week, TV fans! We've got a veritable banquet of TV scoop for you, including dish on your precious Chase on House, Pam and Jim's baby on The Office, and Jack Donaghy's marital prospects on 30 Rock...so without further ado, let's get started!

Amy in Chicago: Any gossip on Addie's character on Private Practice? We are dying for any spoilers or news about her character.
As we told you last week (and as you can see in this sneak peek), Addison kicks ass and takes names in the P.P. season premiere, but we're hitting a Private Practice event tonight, so we'll ask for more scoop. Meanwhile, if you have any Q's for the rest of the cast, email tvdiva@eonline.com and we'll try to get you answers!

Duke in Texas: Dexter got robbed at the Emmys. What can you tell me about the new season?
When season four of Dexter premieres Sept. 27, look out for Dexter's first truly formidable competition: the Trinity Killer, played by veteran John Lithgow. "He's amazing," gushed Julie Benz (Rita Bennett) about the latest addition to their cast. "He's the nicest guy, and he plays the scariest killer. His portrayal is just so chilling. At our table reads we were all just afraid of him." Don't miss our sneak peeks of Lithgow's performance.

Alethea in Minn.: I'm trying to be patient for the Friday Night Lights premiere in October, but it's eating me up inside! Give me any tidbits you have.
Trust us, we feel your pain. Our TiVos have gone too long without any love from Mr. and Mrs. Coach. When we caught up with Connie Britton (Tami Taylor), she gave us insight on how our favorite TV relationship stays strong. "We really like to crack jokes. I think it's really funny when I get the best of him, but I think it's funnier when he gets the best of me," Connie said about working with TV hubby Kyle Chandler. "I think something that's made it work is that we have shared views on how we work that marriage. We really wanted it to have a strong foundation that we could shake up as much as we wanted. We both felt really strongly that we didn't want someone to have an affair. We didn't want it to go into cheesy world like that. Not that that doesn't happen in real life, but we wanted to keep it more innocent and simple. I think it's something people can really relate to." Awww. Aren't they the sweetest? P.S. We're working on getting some more FNL dish for you guys soon, so if you have specific Q's, please hit up tvdiva@eonline.com. Thank you!

Suzi in Cleveland: I'm so happy The Office is back! What have you heard about guest stars this season?
Office die-hards, get excited! When we asked cocreator and executive producer of The Office, Ricky Gervais, who we can expect to see on the show this season, he hinted at making a cameo of his own. "Maybe there's a big guest star. Maybe you're talking to him now," he said with a smirk. "Nah. Just kidding. But I'd love to maybe do the show in the future." We think it would be fabulous to see Ricky play his character, David Brent, from the original Office and interact with Michael Scott. What do you think?

Riley in Big Bear: It was such a treat watching Neil Patrick Harris host the Emmys. What do you know about How I Met Your Mother?
We'll let NPH himself tell you about the fifth season: "Well, this season of How I Met Your Mother we are at 8 p.m., instead of 8:30, so we start the night off. Bring the kids in--the younger the better--and watch us binge drink, have three-, four-ways, lots of cursing. I think we use the word douche now, because we can," says the triple-threat actor. "We're trying to indoctrinate the younger generation into the Barney way of life, which is a good thing. Everyone should do it. Scotch on the rocks." Are you planning on watching the HIMYM premiere tonight? Will you accompany it with a scotch on the rocks?

Neila in San Francisco: I miss The Real Housewives of Orange County. Do you know what's happening this season?
Those O.C. housewives are back on Bravo Nov. 5 with a new mama in tow and a farewell to fan favorite Jeana Keough. We also just heard the series will be filming on the Los Angeles campus of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising this week. Our source says one of the daughters is interested in attending the school. Any guesses as to who it might be?

Maggie in More Breaking Bad, please.
Last night's Emmy winner Bryan Cranston just told us a huge secret about the new season of the AMC cult fave. "The thing that my character was always worried about was having my wife find out what I'm doing. This season, she finds out. I still don't know how she's taking it, but she's freaked out. My thought was if she ever finds out, it's over." So is it? "That's what I'm still wondering!" Plus, Jesse and Walter will still go at it, too. "As long as we're at odds with each other, it's a good way to go, because he and I are so different. We should play that up all the time--like an odd couple."

Kiera in Santa Barbara, Calif.: Boo for Aaron Paul losing at the Emmys! Any scoop on Breaking Bad?
Ditto, but we caught up with Aaron Paul (Jesse) right before the Emmys and he was just beyond thrilled to be nominated. As for the new season of Breaking Bad, the sexy (and so sweet) star was tight-lipped but warned us to be prepared for a huge premiere: "We just wrapped episode three, and they start off with a huge bang and it just keeps going." Not sure if he meant literally, but we're still excited! Aaron was also thrilled about some "really cool new characters" on board next year.

Natalie in New York City: Chase is actually getting a real storyline on House? I still can't really believe it. Chase fans have been waiting way too long for something like this!
Yep, Chase is plenty busy this season. Jesse Spencer spills to us, "I'm back on the team. It's kinda old-school: Cameron and Chase, kickin' it old-school. The merging of the teams is a work in progress. People are back and forth, and in and out, but I think very soon it's going to be a complete conglomeration of old and new. It's going to be a new dynamic for the team, which I think is going to be really good." Spencer adds, "I've got a lot of storylines coming my way. There's a bit of dodgy doctoring going on. But dodgy doctoring is all we do on the show. Bend the rules a little bit--that's what House does. If House was practicing medicine [in the real world], he'd have lot his license on day one."

Kelly in Wichita, Kan.: Thanks for the interviews with Hugh Laurie, Lisa Edelstein and the House producers, but where is the rest of the gang?
Patience, young Jedi. Olivia Wilde tells us that House's eventual return to the hospital causes a great deal of disruption. "House has changed, and that means our environment has changed. Everyone approaches House's recovery differently. They all have very different relationships to him this season, and it reveals a little bit more about similarities that some of us may have with House."

Dean in Vancouver: House!
Peter Jacobson (an actor we always enjoy speaking with) says Taub's just fine with House being gone from Princeton-Plainsboro: "Taub is somewhat relieved to not be the subject of such abuse, as he has been. For Taub it is actually a little bit frustrating, because there are a lot of dynamic shifts and different politics on the team and in the hospital, because House isn't as he was. We don't always necessarily know who is in charge. I came to the hospital for very specific reasons, three years ago, and I'm not sure those reasons are sustained at the moment." OK, but give us one more good tease about the season! Says Jacobsen, "Well, we have one cool case with a suburban Jewish guy who's a porn star, which I think is funny."

Amber in Bournemouth, Dorset, U.K.: Any scoop on Mark and Lexie on Grey's Anatomy?
Mark and Lexie may be the cutest twosome on Grey's Anatomy, and the cuteness continues in Thursday's big season premiere, when Lexie confides in Mark about her feelings regarding George's demise. It's a quiet, gentle scene in the locker room, and we think you guys will dig it!

Susan from Mich.: HIMYM scoop, please.
When we caught up with Cobie Smulders (Robin Scherbatsky) at the Lipton Green VitaliTEA Gift Lounge Backstage at the Nokia Theatre, she told us about the atmosphere on set this season. "Neil and I make out all day. We have a lot of sex. The first scene of the season is me in bed naked with Neil," she spilled about her onscreen love life. "It's sort of these phobic people trying to have a normal relationship and what the definition is for that. We're trying to take these examples from Marshall and Lily and replicate that, but it's not working." What do you think of Barney and Robin together?

Libby in Utah: The Office premiere was super, but please tell me that's not the last we'll see of Pam and Jim's baby until it's born.
No worries: the Jam baby will be present and accounted for throughout the season. In fact, the baby daddy, John Krasinski, tells us, "They have a very elaborate process for making sure Pam's tummy grows at the right rate. It's crazy--they put way more thought into the show than I do, obviously. I would have shot it and then been like, oh, we forgot about the bump! And the wedding episode is going to be really, really fun. It feels like a premiere, even though it's our fourth episode in."

Stella in Montpelier, Vt.: Quit skimping on The Office spoilers.
OK, here's an intriguing tease: According to B.J. Novak, "Ryan gets into photography." Wanna bet that Michael Scott finds some way to make that dirty and wrong?

Melanie in San Francisco: So cranky we have to wait almost a month for new 30 Rock eps to tide us over. Is there anything you can share in the meantime?
The divine Alec Baldwin says his 30 Rock character, Jack Donaghy, might be ready for a commitment: "I want to settle down. I don't want to be with all of these crazy women and one-night stands and these one-month stands. I want to get married! We're going to find me a wife." We think you'll join us in saying, Whaaaat?! Any thoughts on who would be the perfect Mrs. Donaghy? Share in the comments!

James in Pocatello, Idaho: Smallville spoilers, please.
Doesn't it feel like yesterday Smallville premiered for the first time? Here we are eight years later, with the season nine premiere on Sept. 25. How time flies. But we've digressed. We watched the season premiere and must say a couple things: First of all, Team Smallville isn't messing around with the special effects. It looks like they pulled out all the stops (and the budget) on this sweet, first episode. Also, all of you Lois lovers will be happy to know Erica Durance (Lois Lane) is interwoven throughout many storylines and is front and center during most of the show. Set three weeks after the events of the finale, Clark (Tom Welling) is training to be Superman and is struggling with leaving his humanity behind. He's frustrated with his inability to fly, but is told by trainer Jor-El it's because, "You still see yourself as a human." Meanwhile Clark's relationship with Chloe (Allison Mack) is downright rocky, while he remains obsessed with Lois. Lois doesn't have a clue where she was for the last three weeks, but when she returns it's in the company of a freaky Kryptonic-ninja lady from the future who's out to get Clark. And watch out for Lois' scary dream sequence at the end of the episode: there's sex, sweat, blood and death.

Jane in Dallas: Have you heard anything about who is getting married on Desperate Housewives? I'm dying of suspense out here!
Sorry, Jane. That is one secret the cast and crew are keeping close to their hearts. Awhile back, we showed you a picture of two brides, and our questions still haven't been answered. Not ones to give up the quest for information, we asked Dana Delany (Katherine Mayfair) when we saw her at Emmy rehearsals who's going to be walking down the aisle. "I can't tell you that!" she said. "All will be revealed next week. I'm so happy because I have a wonderful storyline this year. I'm just having a ball. I'm kinda going over the edge, only as Katherine can. We are going to see drama with the partnership between Bree, Katherine and Orson. I love Katherine's relationship with Bree because there's always this 'frienemy' thing going on." Another thing to look forward to? "The fun thing for me this year has been working with Drea de Matteo," said Delaney. "She's the new housewife and she's the only person that Katherine has left, the only one who'll put up with her." Are you going to be watching the season-six premiere on Sept. 27? Who do you think the newlyweds will be?

Sam in Boise, Idaho: What can you spill on The Big Bang Theory? I've been waiting for it to come back.
Kunal Nayyar tells us, "This season Sheldon and Penny butt heads, now that Penny is dating Leonard, and they try to work things out, but..." But not so much! "Other than that," says Kunal, "Howard and Rajesh just try to pick up women and make fun of Leonard for going there with Penny. We also have some great guest stars: Lewis Black, Laurie Metcalfe is back, and we just cast Wil Wheaton in episode six. I am almost positive he's going to play a nerd." Indeed!

Thom in Devore, Calif.: I know it's a long way off, but what's going on with Chuck? I miss it!
We're right there with you! We caught up with Vik Sahay (Lester), one-half of Chuck's Jeffster at the Silver Spoon Emmy gift lounge, and he spilled: "There is Buy More stuff and there's a lot of friction with management. There are elements of Lester temporarily changing something about himself. He is changed--temporarily." Sounds like some sort of Intersect-related issue--or a sex change? As for Chuck in general, Vik says, "I feel particularly excited about this season because something about the budget cuts will potentially streamline how it's shot. And when it's streamlined it becomes more potent."

Maggie in Nashville: What's happening with CSI: Miami?
We asked the lovely Emily Procter at the Pepsi Max-sponsored CBS Fall Launch Party who Calleigh might be hooking up with, and she told us, "Calleigh is not afraid to make a love interest out of somebody she works with." There are at least three possible candidates for some quality Calleigh time: Adam Rodriguez and newcomers Eddie Cibrian and Omar Miller. Which would you choose?

Marie in Helena, Mont.: Tell us more about Katee Sackhoff's role on 24.
We'll let Katee break it down for you: "I play Dana Walsh, the head data analyst for CTU, and she's engaged to Cole Ortiz (Freddie Prinze Jr.). She's got a shady little past, and we'll see how that affects her." The show has 13 episodes finished and wraps in January, and Katee tells us: "It's the same usual 24. They're used to having new characters coming in. There's so many new castmembers this year that if it is the last year, they'll go out with a bang."

Gregory in N. H.: The fifth season premiere of Ghost Whisperer is coming up on Sept. 25. What can we expect?
Jennifer Love Hewitt told us about Melinda's new son: "The baby is going to have a gift, a gift that is far superior to his mommy's," she said. "We will also meet Eli's parents this year, in one of our most controversial episodes yet, the third episode." And FYI: This season takes place five years in the future.

Alabama in Washington, D.C.: I think nobody watches it but me, but I love Rules of Engagement, especially Megyn Price and Patrick Warburton. Any scoop?
Audrey and Jeff will be undergoing some fertility tests this season, but Patrick Warburton and Megyn Price both told us they are personally very resistant to the idea of introducing a baby onto the show. What do you guys think? Baby or no baby? And for you fans of Megyn's old show, Grounded for Life, she told us a funny story: "I just ran into [Grounded costar] Donal Logue on the street. We were both driving and I was like, 'Who's the jackass blasting his music so loud that he can't even--Oh, it's Donal.' So I called him and told him, 'Turn down your music,' and he was all, 'What?' That was fun."

Simone in Cairo, Ill. I love the new character Quinn on One Tree Hill!
We just chatted with Shantel VanSanten (Quinn) this morning, and she couldn't have been nicer--or more grateful for her new role in the tiny town of Tree Hill. And guess what? She's married to a castmember in real life! Not Robert Buckley, but Jackson Brundage. That's right, the adorable little Jamie Scott developed an instant crush on the new OTH star and took it to the next level. "He proposed to me on set when they brought me my wedding ring. Jackson got down on one knee and said 'Will you marry me?' He always calls me his wife and makes me eat lunch with him." Too. Cute. Check back for more real scoop from our interview soon.

Jillian in Detroit: Come on! Dexter spoilers!
OK, how's this? Julie Benz, who plays Dexter's baby mama Rita says, "We do see Rita sing a little bit." Sweet! Also, episode four ends with a shocking twist that will leave you debating "whodunit?" at the watercooler for at least the next week!

Jen in Florida: Can't wait for Eastwick! Do you guys have any scoop?
Eastwick premieres Wednesday at 10 p.m., and we just caught up with star Lindsay Price at the Emmys (in the company of her fella, HIMYM star Josh Radnor), and she told us, "In episode six, I develop a second tier to my powers, which I am very excited about. It's a more of a mental/mind power."

Jess in Austin: What can you tell me about the new season of Ugly Betty?
We caught up with Kristen Johnston (of 3rd Rock From the Sun fame) at Christian Siriano's fashion show in NYC,and she told us, "I took Paula Abdul's part on Ugly Betty. She was going to do a part on Ugly Betty that I'm doing. I just shot my first episode, the premiere, last week. They wanted me to be this girl who dresses much younger than she is. She goes out clubbing, and she's 40. So I have these La Lohan ripped black tights up and the shorts and then we did--and this was my touch--I was like what if she's stuck in like 1994 and she listens to like only the Cardigans? So we did the dark pink [lip liner] and then the frosted lipstick."

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Meredith in Sylvania, Ohio: Sons of Anarchy has been great this season! What's to come?
This week's episode of Sons of Anarchy is fantastic. There's a particularly rough (and poignant) scene between Gemma and Clay--you may join Gemma in crying--and if you're a Jax-Tara fan, this is the ep for you. Their relationship is developing rapidly, and the episode is bookended by some great scenes. The first one is sweet, and the last one is dirty hot.

Edwina in Cape Coral, Fla.: My David Duchovny fix is almost here! Do you have any Californication scoop to spill?
Attention, casting director: If you are looking for a celebrity scion to play an edgy twentysomething on your show, please pass over Demi Moore's daughter Rumer Willis in favor of Susan Sarandon's kid, Eva Amurri. Eva's a darn good little actress and, as you will see for yourself if you watch the show, she also has a great rack. Amurri and Ed Westwick play creative-writing students taking Hank's class, and Westwick does very witty un-Chuck-Bassian turn as a high-strung vampire wannabe.

Josefina in Los Angeles: Please tell us what you can about the new season of Medium!
Us longtime fans have nothing to fear. We've seen the premiere and it's the same creative show we've always loved. The season opener is set about four months after Allison's surgery, and she still hasn't regained her power or the full use of her left side. Luckily, she stops by the D.A.'s office where she stumbles into a new mystery that helps her resolve both those problems. (Medium returns Friday at 9 p.m. on CBS.)
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