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Kenyatta The Gossip Girl Tues Apr 27th
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OMG!! I missed you guys I needed a vacation from
the gossip world but now kids I am back to work and
you will not believe what I have for you today!!!

LINDSAY LOHAN gets nuttier everryday on Friday night
Lilo was banned at the L.A. club Trousdale because
Lilo saw ex-girlfriend SAMANTHA RONSON sitting with
some friends after Sam did her DJ set. All of the sudden
Lindsay throws her drink in the air and throws it towards
Samantha's head where glass flew everwhere. Club owners
asked Lindsay to leave and Linsday said she will never come
back. Maybe the reason was that Lindsay was let go from the
film "THE OTHER SIDE" that also starred WOODY HARRELSON
and GIOVANNI RIBISI because the producers felt that she wasn't
bankable. She even got the role out of default because BRITTANY
MURPHY was suppose to get the role and she died 4 months ago.
Lilo got three Razzie awards because of her bad acting, and if you seen,
I KNOW WHO KILLED ME, you see why.

I hate when gay romances break-up, did you hear that
Fashion power couple MARC JACOBS and LORENZO
MARTONE have broke up, and that's what they have
been telling their friends. Marc was by himself in
Provincetown last week for his business partner's
wedding last week. Oh well better luck next time!

Now I have some uplifting news, as soon as CHER is finished
with her Colosseum shows at the Caesars Palace's in Las Vegas,
she will be touring again. She got her inspiration was from her upcoming
movie, "BURLESQUE" which she also on the soundtrack. "ALREADY
BEEN THERE" is her new single which she is going to perform at the
World Music Awards in Monte Carlo on May 18th.

So we all know TORI's mom CANDY SPELLING or the late AARON's
wife? Candy is selling her Beverly Hills Manor for $150 Million dollars,
making it the most expensive house in the world. The house has 100
rooms, 56,500 square feet, 17,000 square feet attic, you could Osama
Bin Laden in that house if you could find him that is! :)

Poor BRETT MICHAELS of "POISON" is talking and in
good spirits after his brain hemorrhage on last Thursday.
This setback has caused him to cancel some of his concert
tours but he's recovering in Texas.

SNOOKI of "JERSEY SHORE" got into another fight and this
time she didn't ger punched in the face. In Ocean 10 in Miami,
she and JWOWW was mad because male patron was trying to talk
to them and they ignored him, so they guy took Snooki drink and
left them. So then Snooks threw food and drink at the guy, the guy's buddy
confronted Snooki to tell her to apologize to him and when she didn't
the guy poured a drink on Snooki, but the goos news is her bee-hive didn't
get destroyed, cause there be hell to pay of it did!! :)

So NICK CANNON said on his New York Radio show
on Friday that he and MARIAH CAREY are going to
renew their wedding vows for their upcoming two year
marriage. Nick says it's great to celebrate, renew their
vows, and exchange gifts.

That's all for today kids but tomorrow I am going to dig up
some more dirt for you kids and trust me when I tell you that
you are going to love it!!!

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