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Kenyatta The Gossip Girl Thur Apr 29th
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Did you know that KATHERINE JACKSON, mother of
the late MICHAEL has 7 of her grandchildren living with
her at her California mansion. But she's told ALEJANDRA
OAZIAZA that she and her 4 children (JERMAINE'S kids) can
no longer live in the mansion because one of the kids bought
a stun-gun into the house. But Katherine is putting Alejandra
and the kids in a nearby condo.

So you hear that after 11 years of marriage, TIKI BARBER and
his wife GINNY are divorcing. Tiki has been carrying on with
23 year old TRACI LYNN-JOHNSON a former intern at NBC where
Tiki works as a correspondent (from what I hear they are living together
now). What makes it worse that Ginny is about to give birth to Tiki's
twin girls anyday now and the divorce proceedings are going on, they
already have two boys. But they are working on joint custody of the
4 children but from what I hear Ginny doesn't want the custody to be

LUDACRIS is asking TROJAN users to make a rap record about the condom,
the rapper will win $5,000, will be played on the radio, and will debut on Ludacris
upcoming show.

You know SIMON COWELL is leaving AMERICAN IDOL when his
contract expires next month. TV GUIDE put a poll on who should
replace Simon and many people said it should be QUNICY JONES,
that is such a perfect choice.

STEVE CARELL who plays "Michael Scott" on THE OFFICE is leaving
after the end of the 2010-2011 season. Playing the role got him a Golden
Globe in 2006.

You know that PARIS HILTON and DOUG REINHARDT aren't together
anymore. They saw each other at this club called "MY STUDIO" in
Hollywood on Tuesday night and they ignored each other. They were
on opposite sides on the floor to see who would have a better time, and it
looks like Doug had the better time with the blond chick that accompained
him. But Paris just ignored Doug and left the club with her friend at 2am.

KATIE HOLMES will play Jacqueline Kennedy on "THE KENNEDYS" on
the History Channel in 2011. GREG KINNEAR will play President John
F. Kennedy.

That's it for today kids but just wait until Friday cause I am going
to close the week with great gossip, talk to you tomorrow!!!

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