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Kenyatta The Gossip Girl Mon May 17th
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On Friday I told you that HEIDI MONTAG is estranged from
is having issues with his family they took all of his pictures out
of their home, Spencer even has a younger sister named
Stephanie that he was nothing to do with. Heidi and Spencer
only stay in their $7,000 a month house in Los Angeles. From what I
heard they have nothing but framed magazine covers of themselves
on which they appeared, now talk about your edipous complex.

HANK BASKETT of the Philadelphia Eagles is amd with wife Playboy's
KENDRA WILKINSON because Kendra made a sex tape that just
recently surfaced. She made the tape before she got involved with Hank,
but he is angry, embarrassed, and afraid what his team members might think.
They have a 5-Month old son HANK JR. and are near their 1-year anniversary.

Once or as many, many times again, LINDSAY LOHAN acts the fool this time in the
Chelsea hot-spot 1OAK. Lindsay wanted to sit at a table near the DJ, but
NY Ranger AARON VOROS and Aaron's girlfriend JESSICA STAM were
sitting at that table. Lindsay didn't want to sit with them because she said
that Aaron was her ex-boyfriend and didn't want to sit with them. When
club owners asked Aaron he had no idea who in hell she was. Lilo then got
angry and threw her drink at Jessica and demanded that they get throw out
so she can have the table. Club bosses tried to calm Lilo down but to no
avail so Lilo left the club in a very bitchy huff.

JUDE LAW and SIENNA MILLER will take a trip down the aisle this summer
after recently reuniting. You know that they had a nasty breakup in 2006
because of Jude's alleged affair with his children's nanny. They plan to
marry twice, first in Gloucestershire, England and then again in New York.

CLAUDIA SCHIFFER on Friday had a third baby with husband MATTHEW
VAUGHAN. The baby was another girl born in London, England and Claudia
will reveal the name of the baby this week.

Guess who got married on Saturday? JENSEN ACKLES of CW's SUPERNATURAL
and DANNEEL HARRIS from CW's ONE TREE HILL. Jensen got married in his
native hometown Dallas, Texas with family and friends watching, I hear Danneel
looked fabulous in her gown. They met in 2007 and got engaged in November of

RUSSELL BRAND and KATY PERRY have already sent out their wedding
invitations and plan to get married on October 18th, and would you believe
that their wedding will last one entire week in India? The wedding will be all
about love and it will be a small, private affair. At least before the paparazzies
get there.

Bad news for you "HEROES" fans, the show after 4 years has been cancelled
which was decided in Feburary. This show made BIG stars out of HADYEN
PANETTIERE and ALI LARTER. The producers are trying to negotiate to end
the soon-to-be cult series with a mini-series or movie.

Well kids read my next blog tomorrow because you never going to know or
believe what I will tell or "write" to you next!!!

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