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Kenyatta The Gossip Girl Mon Jun 7th
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What a great weekend I had and I have to start your Monday with something
you will be talking about all week. On Friday did you hear that CHACE CRAWFORD
of "GOSSIP GIRL" was arrested in Texas for "pot" possession. He was having lunch
with some friends at a sushi spot, the police swung by and noticed there was a joint
in the car he was in. But oddly enough the cops said Chace was cool and cooperated he
even look good in his mugshot.

SHERYL CROW has a adopted and another boy, she adopted her first son WYATT in
2007 and she now has another son named LEVI JAMES who was born on April 30th.

What morons can these two be? Now from I am hearing that HEIDI MONTAG and SPENCER
PRATT pulled a "separation" stunt and they are not leaving each other, this ploy was just to get
themselves attention. I bet my month's salary that this s**t will blow up in their faces. I hear that
they are just laughing off the situation.

Did you hear that ALEC BALDWIN will be in "EQUUS" what DANIEL RADCLIFFE appeared,
acted, and was totally butt-naked in, Alec will be in the Hamptons on 158 Main Street East
Hampton where the theater is. Alec, a little tip, if you do the nude scene drop about 40 pounds
and shave your chest hair, the Gossip Girl still loves you but Stephen more!!!

What do you call Lesbians who love JUSTIN BIEBER? "BIEBIANS". Lesbian females are
looking(getting the Justin haircut) and making themselves sound like Justin. It gotten so
wild that there is even a website called, " LESBIANS WHO LOOK LIKE JUSTIN BIEBER.
TUMBLR.COM". Tonight in the popular Hollywood Club "THE ABBEY" they are hosting a
"Biebian" night.

Well tomorrow is another day and of course I will have the latest in Hollywood Gossip for
you my faithful readers!!!

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