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Kenyatta The Gossip Girl Wed June 9th
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HOORAY!! PARIS HILTON may have found a new boy-toy: PAUL IACONO
whose new show debuted on Sunday "THE HARD TIMES OF RJ BERGER"
premiered right after the MTV Movie Awards. Paris and Paul were caught making
out backstage at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night. Someone thought it was
a publicity stunt but Paris was really digging this guy and is starting to call him "her

LINDSAY LOHAN is fashionable wearing her SCRAM ankle bracelet but it was triggered
at the MTV Movie Awards after-party. Its not known whether Lilo had alcohol in her system
of if the device was tampered with. If alcohol was in her system then she will face jail time
if the judge looks at Lindsay's Scram report to look at her alcohol level. Good Luck Lindsay!!

Here is the latest on the HEIDI MONTAG/SPENCER PRATT drama. Yesterday Heidi went
to a Santa Monica courthouse to file legal separation from Spencer, but that doesn't mean
they are officially divorced. But Heidi is taking time away from Spencer to focus her career as
an actress. From what I hear she's pretty excited about filing for separation. Can these two
be even more weirder??

In August JA RULE has to go to trial for gun possession in 2007. He was pulled over in his
sportscar by police in Manhattan, he was speeding with a suspended registration and no insurance.
When the cops checked the car on the rear driver's side door that's when they found the gun.
So August 18th is the trial date and since Ja Rule pleaded "not-guilty" if he gets convicted he
gets 4 years in prison.

CHRIS BROWN was going to do a Fan Appreciation Tour all over Europe (Scotland, London
England, Dublin Ireland) but that's not going to happen because Chris was denied a work visa,
Gee I wonder why??? But Chris as we now speak has cancelled all his Europe shows, too

MILEY CYRUS is a bit miffed with JUSTIN BIEBER. While she was in London Justin was making
prank calls at 3am London time. She even changed her number so she wouldn't be bothered
but Justin found out and kept prank calling. Miley had no idea who it was until Justin said it was
him that was making the pranks calls, she was actually very mad with Justin.

Well that's all for today but come back tomorrow and I will have much more in "HOT" gossip!!!

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