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Kenyatta The Gossip Girl Thur Jun 10th
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So you know who Fernando Flores is, then I will tell you. He is suing
BRITNEY SPEARS for sexually harassing him. Fernando claims that
Brits have called him and strutted herself (nekkid) in front of him. He claims
that Britney is a nightmare to work and never know what mood she is in. She
even runs around her staff (nekkid) and screams at them. Fernando said that
Brits always came on to him and if he didn't return the favor he would have
been fired, he just quit last week and now is taking legal action.

STAR JONES who was fired from "THE VIEW" in 2006 because she thought her
co-hosts were "hateful". Star is writing a book with Simon & Schuster called "THE
LUNCH CLUB" which will talk about their backstage secrets after learning that a colleague
left under mysterious circumstances. It looks like the claws are still out between Star and
BARBARA WALTERS after 4 years.

Do you hear wedding bells? I know RENEE ZELLWEGER and BRADLEY COOPER are.
Renee was at a wedding boutique in Hollywood looking at a rack of wedding gowns for two
hours, she even left with a garment bag. Yesterday at the Tribeca Grand, Renee and Brad
had lunch with her parents, me thinks that Bradley is going to ask Renee's dad for her hand
in marriage.

LINDSAY LOHAN has been approached by DONALD TRUMP to appear in "CELEBRITY
APPRENTICE" next season. Now she's busy doing three films and is not sure that she
will take Trump's offer, but if it can fit into her movie career then she will do it. By the way
if you are wondering about the SCRAM bracelet incident, here what I have so far. The reason
the ankle bracelet went off on Sunday night after-party at the MTV Movie Awards because Lilo
said that someone spilled their drink on her, now that's a new excuse!!

Well that's all for today but tomorrow is Friday and I am going to start your weekend off
with even more scandalious gossip!!!

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