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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Mon July 26th
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DIANA ROSS son, EVAN has a new gig, he's joining the
cast of 90210. He's going to play Charlie who gets into a love
triangle with two of the cast members. He was on older sister's
TRACEE ELLIS ROSS 8-year sitcom hit "GIRLFRIENDS" and was
in the 2006 movie "A.T.L."

So here's the latest I have on the LINDSAY LOHAN jail-drama. She's
eating the same meals as the inmates but the female inmates are
bitchin' because she's getting the star treatment at Lynwood Correctional
Facility. A lot of the inmates can't stand her and from what I heard Lindsay
needs or wants something, the entire jail goes on lockdown. But the jail
says Lindsay is like any other female inmate and gets no special treatment.
Oh by the way, on Friday the inmates kept calling Lindsay 'Fire-Crotch' and
Lindsay started losing it and begged the warden to put her into isolation. I
think she's trying to mimic the "Paris Hilton Woe is Me" just to get herself out
of jail.

Poor KEVIN CONNOLLY of "Entourage" must have been embarassed at
Bagatelle in the Meat Packing District the other night because the doorman
didn't recognized who he was so he wouldn't let him in right away. But Kevin
was cool about it and the general manager of the club apologized to Kevin,
I wonder if the doorman still works there.

CARRIE UNDERWOOD has much to celebrate, she got married to hockey
player MIKE FISHER but from her debut album "SOME HEARTS" she has
sold 7 Million Sales (or 7-times platinum) making her the first American Idol
to set the record, she found out while on her honeymoon in the French-
Polynesian Islands.

Did you hear that sexy singer ENRIQUE IGLESIAS said that Spain won the
World Cup he would water ski...BUTT NAKED!!! This is not the first time he's
done this because he water-ski naked in high school (and no one has pictures?)
Even the police department are patrolling in Biscayne Bay, Florida to catch him
if he does the deed, so to elude police he's going to do it an night. But he should
be careful because the water is very warm at night and thereare lots of sharks in the
water, but that's not his main concern: he's wondering about how he should get
bikini-waxed. I say once again, "anybody has pictures of him water-skiing naked in
high school?"

Well that's it for today but I will have much more great gossip tomorrow and don't
forget, I am on www.partyradiousa.net on a show called "NEW MUSIC SPOTLIGHT
W/TONY SANTIAGO Sundays 6pm-9pm, my segements are on at 6:30pm & 7:30pm.

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