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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Wed July 28th
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Did you hear that EDDIE CIBRIAN and his 2 sons MASON and
JAKE moved into girlfriend's LEE ANN RIMES home in L.A.'s
San Fernando Valley. Eddie's lease was up so since he and LeAnn
are together she decided to take the next step and move them into
her home. LeAnn is even letting Mason and Jake decorate her two
guest bedrooms so they can feel at home, now you think that an
engagement maybe on the horizon??

Did you also hear that WILL & JADA PINKETT SMITH'S nine-year old
daughter WILLOW shares a stylist named MARIEL HAENN who also styles-up
RIHANNA, I hear Willow is the kind of girl to say what she likes or doesn't like.

Remember the Marvel Comic Book, "THE AVENGERS?" Well they are going
to make it into a big-screen movie and NATHAN FILLION whose on "CASTLE"
will play "Ant-Man" and maybe our beloved Gabrielle Solis on "DESPERATE
HOUSEWIVES" EVA LONGORIA-PARKER will play the "The Wasp", also making
an appearance in the 2012 movie is ROBERT DOWNEY JR. who plays "IRONMAN".

KE$HA admits to being a big fan of transvestites. She says trannies want to make
her a better woman because of their better bodies, better complexions, make-up,
and they know how to have fun (even though their really "dudes".)

RIHANNA is reaching out to LADY GAGA because she wants to collaborate with
the pop star. Rihanna's plan is to produce a "hot and sexy" video because Rihanna
feels she and Gaga have similar musical styles and a mutual love of fashion. You
remember earlier this year when Gaga teamed up with BEYONCE with their international
smash hit, 'TELEPHONE'.

WYCLEF JEAN has been Superman to his people in native Haiti and you know that
in January Haiti had a devastating earthquake which Wyclef flown there to help his
people out with many, many needs. Well Now Wyclef is considering running to
become President of Haiti once again. He realizes that he cannot sing forever so he
filled out paperwork to put himself in the running as a president candidate in the 2010
elections. Now he may back out but if the decision is made that he will run, the media
will be immediately notified.

KATE AND JON GOSSELIN (in happier times and before they went totally Hollywood)
have finally settled their lengthy custody battle over their 8 children. They reached
a confidential settlement over custody and financial obligations for the children's sake
and will work together for the benefit of all eight of their kids.

Well we are going almost into August and near the end of summer but until then my
gossip will keep getting hotter and hotter and HOTTER!! Remember you can listen to
me on a great show called "NEW MUSIC SPOTLIGHT W/TONY SANTIAGO!" Sundays
from 6pm-9pm where you hear me give a week's review of my gossip at 6:30pm & 7:30pm.
Oh by the way the website is: www.partyradiousa.net
Talk to you kids tomorrow!!!

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