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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl HAPPY LABOR DAY!!!
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Well it's official kids JESSE JAMES and KAT VON D are dating,
or should I say "couple" she even said, "she head over heels in
love with him." They even posted together in photo last Thursday
at Kat's Wonderland Gallery in Hollywood. As you already know Jesse
and now ex-wife SANDRA BULLOCK have divorced in June and Kat Von
D and NIKKI SIXX just broke it off earlier this summer. The question is:
"How Long Will It Last???"

Now this Sunday September 12th will be the MTV Video Music Awards and
remember last year KANYE WEST dissed TAYLOR SWIFT onstage when she
won teh Best Female Vocalist Award, ever since the uncalled incident he's
apologized to Taylor. But this Sunday he has a gift for her: "He wrote her a song."
Kanye wants to give it to her to perform and if she's not interested then he'll perform
the song for her. You know Millions including yours truly will be watching this Sunday

Well its official, Fox announced on Friday that KARA DIOGUARDI is leaving AMERICAN
IDOL following fellow judges SIMON COWELL and ELLEN DEGENERES. Now that
RANDY JACKSON and STEVEN TYLER will do the 10th Season of "A.I." other possible
name to fill the judges seat are: SHANIA TWAIN, ELTON JOHN, CHRIS ISAAK, and HARRY

Now how cool is now 8-year old ROMEO BECKHAM (DAVID & VICTORIA'S SON). For
his birthday he celebrated at Ultra Zone in Sherman Oaks, California and the party was a
L.A. LAKERS kind of theme. Guests included HEIDI KLUM and SEAL (with their kids too)
Romeo even had a Lakers Court Birthday Cake. Even David had fun himself when he wore
a Laser Tag vest and played with the kids in the maze room. Romeo even got Lakers action
figures and basketball cards to take home with him.

Did you hear about how ABC dissed MELANIE GRIFFITH to appear in this season's
"DANCING WITH THE STARS". Well Mel is a huge fan of the show and wants to be part
of the competition for years but the show's producers weren't interested. Melaine wasn't
the only one to be turned away, I hear that TIM ALLEN, SYLVESTER STALLONE, and
even Former Secretary of State CONDOLEEZZA RICE were even turned down.

Lastly have I got one helluva deal for you men out there, the NOKIA N8 12 Megapixel Camera
is already out. Next month in London N8 will be filming a short movie called "THE COMMUTER".
Now in the movie a lucky fan will film a sex scene with PAMELA ANDERSON (per her request,
remember back in the 90s when she made a tape with her ex-husband "THE LONG TOMMY
LEE.") That's not all, for you females out there there's a contest that's going to have a scene
shot in an elevator with "GOSSIP GIRL" star ED WESTWICK.

I am back kids and listen to me this Friday September 10th on www.partyradiousa.net of
course the show is called "NEW MUSIC SPOTLIGHT WITH TONY SANTIAGO". The
show is usually a repeat from 4pm-7pm but this Friday is an ALL-NEW SPECIAL
because our special guest star DJ is BLAKE LEWIS from AMERICAN IDOL who spins at
6pm-7pm. By the way my gossip will come on at 4:30pm & 5:30pm and I EXPECT you to
be listening!!!!!

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