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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Fri Sept 10th
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I just found out about a new Hollywood couple, try JAKE GYLLENHAAL and
RACHEL BILSON. I hear they are keeping a very low profile but are dating.
together about 2 years ago on 1st Avenue & 1st Street in Manhattan) and
Rachel dated ADAM BRODY (her O.C. co-star) and just recently ended her
relationship with finace HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN.

You remember last year when JOAQUIN PHOENIX appeared on "DAVID LETTERMAN"
and he was incredibly disoriented?? Well I heard that he lost it in his dressing room after
the interview and thought his life was ruined and would be a laughing stock in Hollywood.
Well he and CASEY AFFLECK (BEN'S brother and Joaquin's brother in law) have a new
documentary out called, "I'M STILL HERE". By the way Joaquin, that Letterman interview
made you the laughing stock everywhere. Look and see why kids:

You know OPRAH WINFREY 25th and final season is coming this Monday the 13th and
there's talk that she might get LINDSAY LOHAN for a one-on-one interview. It's being talked
about right now as "I speak!!"

Speaking of another Lohan, Lindsay moM DINA got her North Merrick, Long Island house pelted
with eggs last week. But you think the vandals would stop there, "NOOOO!!!" They also
took Dina's mailbox and ripped it out of the ground (you think her ex-husband MICHAEL had
something to do with this?)

Remember a few months ago I told you about BRITNEY SPEARS ex-bodyguard FERNANDO
FLORES is accusing Brits of sexual harassment and is suing her. Well in the suit Fernando
also claims that Britney also abuses her kids where she beats her 4 year old son PRESTON
with a belt and despite the boys seafood allergies she feeds them crabmeat. Britney's
ex-husband KEVIN FEDERLINE comes to Britsd defense and says that Fernando's a
accusations are "false".

So did you hear that JUSTIN BIEBER was being a naughty boy and was throwing water balloons
at cops in Maryland. Well last Sunday he was performing at the Maryland State Fair but before
the sold-out concert he was horsing around with his staff members. All the sudden Justin
hurled two water balloons where one hit a cop's gun belt and bursted while balloon #2 bounced
off the other trooper. Cops let it go calling Justin's behavior "inappropriate".

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***Remember tomorrow to say a pray for the over 3,000 lives lost on September 11th and
be grateful for all the things that you still have in your life!!! :-)

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