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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Mon Sept 20th
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Well LINDSAY LOHAN took a drug test and "failed" with flying colors
and she could face another 30 days in jail. In recent days she took a drug test
and it showed cocaine was in her system, you know that she was in rehab to
get herself better. But then Lindsay admitted that she did fail her drug drug test
and she will prepare to face her consequences.

DIANE SAWYER chartered a party boat for her "WORLD NEWS TONIGHT" staff and treated
them to a booze cruise. Thursday night along the Hudson River. From what that BRIAN ROSS
& GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOUS were tought competitors in the dance-off but Brain was the

Did you hear about poor RICKI LAKE Malibu Rental Rental burned down. It was located at the
Pacific Coast highway and it burned Saturday morning where the flames were as high as high
as 30 feet in the air. But Ricki, her kids, and their dog got out safely.

The war is ongoing between MEL GIBSON & OKSANA GRIGORIEVA because now Mel has
relinquished all his rights to her music after he helped produce her 2009 album, 'BEAUTIFUL
HEARTACHE", (Oksana is a trained pianist.) Oksana was signed to Mel's label "ICON
RECORDS" but since their split up and theit nasty custody battle with their daughter LUCIA,
Oksana and Mel have been at war with each other. Oksana also accuses Mel of sabotaging
her attempts to promote her music and release of her new material since they broke it off. But
last month Mel signed the legal documents to give up his executive producing rights of her work.

Even though KANYE WEST is dating Model SELITA EBANKS he admits that he's in "love"
with another girl who is half-Asian. He was telling his story to hotelier ANDRE BALAZS at the
Lambs Club at the Chantwal Hotel. Other guests were SuperModel LARA STONE, JIMMY
even MICK JAGGER was in attendance.

Remember back in Feburary when gender-bending performance artist ROSE WOOD (with the
boobs and wee-wee) vomited on SUSAN SARADON at "THE BOX". Well last Thursday Rose
was at the Susanne Bartsch "Bloody Mary" party at Good Units at the Hudson Hotel. All of
the sudden Rose gets totally ass-naked and pees into the crowd, everyone ran but no one got
"pissed" or "pissed-on" even CALVIN KLEIN, JAMIE BURKE, and ALEXANDER WANG got to see
the vile act.

Coming November 29th, MARIAH CAREY will have her her lifestyle collection on the shopping
network "HSN". Mariah will sell things like footwear, fragrances, and jewelry. The jewelry will
cost from $40 to $200 and shoes from $70 to $170, she will even have a limited-edition version
of her Luscious Pink fragrance.

Well that's all for today kids and of course you can look at my stuff on video (with my clothes on,
of course) on FACEBOOK (under Kenyatta Simpson) or YOUTUBE (73GossipBoy's) everyday
Monday-Friday. On Sundays at 6:30pm & 7:30pm listen to my week's most talked gossip on
www.partyradiousa.net on a "GREAT" show called "NEW MUSIC SPOTLIGHT WITH TONY
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