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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Wed Sept 22nd
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Today is the first day of fall and someone is "falling" in Love!!! One Guess Who!!
JUSTIN BIEBER's got a girlfriend and the girl Justin has been spotted kissing was
R&B singer 16-year-old JASMINE VILLEGAS. Now last week he said "He was single
and looking but he was trying to stay single." But Jasmine & Justin were spotted
making out in the back seat of a car while driving through Venice, California. Did you also
know that Jasmine is also in Justin's "Baby" video.

ADRIEN BRODY is in a new movie called "WRECKED" where he plays a car crash survivor
stranded in the wilderness. Now his character had to survive by eating so Adrien eat berries
and live bugs for real to prepare for the movie role. It was a big test for him because when
he was in India he caught a stomach virus so he prepared to eat berries and "bugs" (YUCK!!)
he spent a night in the woods doing just that in the Canadian Woods in February.

KERI RUSSELL whose in the newest Fox comedy "RUNNING WILDE" that debuted yesterday
will appear nude in the new issue of Esquire Magazine. She said she loves being naked at all
times or as much as possible. But she stays fit by running and doing pilates classes.

50 CENT is in a lot of trouble with PETA because he posted a picture on Twitter.com showing him
holding a knife to a small dog. The picture was put up on Monday and PETA's MICHELLE CHO
wrote to 50 that the pic is not funny considering the calls we get from people about dogs who
really been stabbed. Well 50 came back saying: "Now this is to the PETA people: "Stay off
my motherf**ing you-know-what", "I don't give a F**K!!"

JETS wide receiver BRAYLON EDWARDS was arrested early Tuesday morning in Midtown
Manhattan for drunk driving. His alcohol-limit was a ".16" which is twice the New York State
limit which is ".08". He was taken to the 7th Precinct Station House on the Lower East Side
where he told the cops he had a couple of drinks("meaning two bottles of Hennessy") but he
was in police custody and yesterday was later arrainged. As for the Jets they are reviewing
the information and will impose the appropriate disciplinary measures, (meaning he'll get
suspended for future games.)

ARETHA FRANKLIN's son EDDIE was beaten badly at a Detroit gas station Monday night.
But from what I heard it was 2 men and one 19 year old woman, most likely they were trying
to rob Eddie. A good samaritan took Eddie to the Hospital which made it sound that Eddie was
critical and had surgery, but doctors took care of him and Eddie walked right out of the
hospital and seemed alright..I'm sure an incredible sigh of relief for Aretha.

Did you hear about New Jersey Housewife TERESA GIUDICE's husband JOE has driven with
a suspended license. Well on Monday Joe turned himself into the authorities in Morris County
Jail where he is currently serving an 8-day jail sentence and will be released Tuesday the 28th.
The reason why Joe's license was suspended because he had a DUI conviction in an accident
in Montville, NJ on January 14th.

Well as always kids you can look at my gossip videos Monday-Friday on FACEBOOK (under
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