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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Wed Sept 29th
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It's been a while since I talked to you about "TWILIGHT" and what's to come for
the fourth film debuting November 18, 2011: "TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN". The
movie has added two more female cast members, 9-year old MACKENZIE FOY who will
play "Renesmee" who is Edward and Bella's vampire/human love child. Next is MAGGIE
GRACE who played "Shannon Rutherford" on LOST is set to play Irina (from Denali coven)
who blames the Cullen Family for her lover's death.

KATIE COURIC was enjoying lunch at Shun Lee Cafe on West 65th Street here in Manhattan
she had Egg Drop Soup, Garlic Shrimp, and a cockroach(Kenyatta, did you say "cockroach?",
Oh yes I did!!) A cockroach was crawling across the banquette and Katie freaked out, but the
owner got rid of it and said, "Sorry this is New York!!" I wonder if that's what the manager will
say to the Board Of Health Department when they visit the restuarant.

HALLE BERRY & OLIVIER MARTINEZ can't get enough of Paris (or each other) because the
couple have returned to the City of Lights and Romance. Yesterday they were at their favorite
lunch spot "LaPalette" in the St. Germain neighborhood. Halle and Olivier were even spotted
grabbing coffee in London, England.

Did you hear that MARIAH CAREY had a little spill in Singapore while performing on stage. But
she and the baby(which she's still not talking about until the time is right) are fine. Mariah just
smiled it out and went on with the show, but a little advice Mariah never wear high-heels when
pregnant. You kids can see what I am talking about if you click on to this:

You want know OZZY OSBOUNE'S sure fire way to cure Athlete's Feet?? Use foot powder with
"cut cocaine". Back in the 1980s when Ozzy was with BLACK SABBATH he had a problem
with Athlete's feet so he would rub the foot powder with cocaine on his toes to ease the itch, he
even admitted that he spent 6,000 British Pounds that would cost in US dollars $9,500 (talk about
money to "blow".)

Yesterday LINDSAY LOHAN has checked into a Southern California rehab facility for her bid to
kick her drug and alcohol habit once and for all. Lilo been in and out of jail and she failed a
recent drug test that was going to put her back for another 30 days until she posted $300,000
bail. She's not however out of the woods yet because she has to return to court just 3 weeks
from now. All you can wish for Lindsay now is luck and the Lord's prayer.

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