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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Tues Oct 12th, 2010
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On KIM & KOURTNEY TAKE NEW YORK the show hasn't aired yet and I hear
that Kim had a confrontation with another female at a bar. KIM, KOURTNEY, KHLOE
& Kourtney's boyfriend SCOTT DISICK went to a bar to celebrate Khloe last night in New
York City. A male fan who was drunk wanted to take a picture with Kim when she happily
obliged, but the fan's girlfriend who was drunk also was pissed and threw her drink at Kim.
Scott and Khloe came to rescue Kim when the security guards jumped in and threw Scott
out of the club. But Kim was okay and said they just were having a fun family night out.

Did you hear that LAURA DERN and her husband BEN HARPER (whose a musician) are
divorcing after 5 years of marriage. They married in L.A. in 2005 and on Friday filed papers
due to irreconcilable differences and now are seeking joint custody of their 5-year old daughter
and 9 year old son.

HALLE BERRY (who was voted #2 as being the most single female celebrity in the world) seems
to be getting very serious because Halle introduced her mom Judith to OLIVIER MARTINEZ. Halle
and Olivier have been in Europe filming their new movie "DARK TIDE".

The other night at the "MARQUEE" club CHRIS BROWN performed KANYE WEST's song
"Runaway" at the 10th Anniversary of BET's "106th and PARK". He critized his own behaviour
for beating his ex-girlfriend RIHANNA before the 2009 Grammys. He sang, "Let's have a toast
for the douchebags/Let's have a toast for the A-Holes", right in front of a crowd including TREY

Brothers & Sisters star DAVE ANNABLE & ODETTE YUSTMAN were married Sunday in Ojai in
an outdoor ceremony. The couple dated for almost 2 years and now they are newlyweds they are
eager to start a family.

KIM KARDASHIAN is here in New York City and she is trying to find love. There was a rumor that
she was seeing MICHAEL CAPON but she claims that he's an acquaintance and she's only seem
him once in 2 years. Kim even had an offer to date one of CAROLINE MANZO'S ("Real
Housewives of New Jersey) sons Chris and Albie but Kim turned them down.

MILEY CYRUS has a new video out called, "Who Owns My Heart" but from what I heard parent
groups aren't too thrilled at the video. The reason is it shows Miley on a bed blind-folded and
grinding seductively in her underwear. But the parent group says that Miley is sending a wrong
message to her young fans and this isn't the first time she has caused controversy. In 2008
Miley posed in a blanket for Vanity Fair Magazine and in May the internet caught Miley in a
nightclub dancing provocatively.

Well that's all for today kids and remember you can listen to me Sundays at 6:30pm & 7:30pm
on www.partyradiousa.net on a show called, "NEW MUSIC SPOTLIGHT WITH TONY
SANTIAGO" Sundays 6pm-9pm. I will give you my most talked about gossip of the week.
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