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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Tues Oct 26th, 2010
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Did you guys hear that MEL GIBSON'S ex-girlfriend OKSANA GRIGORIEVA got
offered $75,000 to pose for PLAYBOY. She hasn't given her answer yet but she's currently
fighting custody of their daughter LUCIA but Oksana did say she wants Mel to be well for the
sake of their daughter, but said he needs to face-up to what he's done.

There's a Canadian DJ named DEAN BLUNDELL whose in a lot of trouble because he implied
on-air that JUSTIN BIEBER was "gay" and made some nasty posts to Bieber's fans on Twitter,
then also had repeated them on-air. Fans defended Justin on Twitter about the "gay" comments
where Dean went on-air to say: "Save your energy for puberty or to fend off your dad tonight
while you're sleepin". He even called a 12-year old fan, "a male prostitute" (where I guess that
was where the "gay" Bieber comments came in.) People called Blundell's comments
"gratuitous" and "unnecessary".

After 4 days in jail and two months in rehab CHRIS KLEIN is coming back to acting and he's set
to guest star in Fox's "The Good Guys" starring COLIN HANKS. A friend of Chris's says he's doing
fantastic and from what I found out he's even in talks to reprise his role as "OZ" in AMERICAN PIE

SALLY PRESSMAN ("Army Wives") and DAVID ROGERS ("Cougar Town") who've been together
for five years are now engaged. Just last week Tuesday when they were working out at the Tracy
Anderson's Studio in L.A. David got on one knee and Sally said "yes" and they embraced, now how
cute is that???

Earlier I told you that OKSANA GRIGORIEVA was offered $75,000 to pose for "PLAYBOY", now
guess whose been offered $100,000 to do "PLAYGIRL" "GLEE" stars MARK SALLING & CHORD
OVERSTREET. Playgirl bosses are offering the actors to follow in their co-stars DIANNA
AGRON & LEA MICHELE footsteps (remember they posed in Cheerleader outfits for GQ Magazine).
The magazine is willing to pay Mark and Chord up to $100 Grand to strip-off for fans, and the
bosses promise that it wouldn't have to be fully X-Rated. By the way, Dianna and Lea were
critized from the Parents Television Council for doing the GQ spread and called the cheerleading
pics "pedophilia".

Is there a "Love Connection" between TAYLOR SWIFT & JAKE GYLLENHAAL. Last week on
"Saturday Night Live" EMMA STONE hosted and Taylor was backstage (Emma & Taylor are
best friends) but Taylor showed up with Jake which shocked everyone but they tried to play it off
like they weren't together. But last Sunday they were having brunch at the "AL DI LA" restuarant
in Brooklyn with another couple and they were spotted strolling around the Park Slope
neighborhood. Well Taylor says she loves going on dates and getting to know people but
"Jake Gyllenhaal", Taylor jump on that hunk quick!!!

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