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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Wed Oct 27th, 2010
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I had to start of today with CHARLIE SHEEN, can you believe that he was found at
the Plaza Hotel yesterday morning drunk & butt-naked. The NYPD got a call for an
intoxicated male and when they got to the hotel suite the room was trashed, the hotel
furniture and chandelier was damaged. Charlie had to go to the hospital and was called
an "aided-case". By the way his ex-wife DENISE RICHARDS went with him to the hospital,
they were together with their daughters to watch a performance of Mary Poppins on Sunday

MARIAH CAREY has a new holiday CD called "MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU" and in the CD
she is going to mention that she is 4 months pregnant with her baby boy. NICK CANNON (her
hubby) is very happy calling Mariah "nurturing" and will be the best mom.

Did you hear about SEAN PENN'S current squeeze Sports Illustrated model JESSICA WHITE
got into a fight with another girl over a cab in Chelsea early Saturday morning. Jessica left the
club on 17th Street & 10th Ave about 4:50am where she tried to hail a cab and the woman
jumped in front of Jessica which lead to Jessica pulling the girl's hair and punched her in the face
where Jess got arrested. It's so funny that Sean in February got 3 years probation and 300 hours
community service for kicking a paparazzi.

For a man whose begging COURTENEY COX to come back DAVID ARQUETTE hasn't seem to
have changed his partying ways. Saturday he attended the Beacher's Madhouse in L.A. for the
birthday parties of '90210' stars JESSICA STROUP & SHEANE GRIMES. David sang "Happy
Birthday" to the ladies while they received a giant cake. Other guests in attendance were the
HILTON Sisters (NICKY & PARIS) and other '90210' stars RYAN EGGOLD, TREVOR

So did you hear that KIM KARDASHIAN was trying to talk Napster King SEAN PARKER at Denise
Rich's Angel Ball. But I guess nothing happened because Sean flew to New Orleans Daily Beast's
Innovators Summit and his date was ALEXANDRA LENAS. Sean said he enjoyed meeting Kim
but they didn't exchange phone numbers.

MADONNA'S ex JESUS LUZ was in Rio De Janeiro partying with "WILL.I.AM", "FERGIE", and
"APL.DE.AP" of "THE BLACK EYED PEAS". Jesus did some dee-jaying then introduced
himself to Fergie in the VIP area. By the way, did you know that for Jesus dee-jaying
appearance he makes $20,000 a night!!!

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