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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Tues Jan 4th, 2011
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So over the New Years weekend party-animal DAVID ARQUETTE has
checked himself into rehab for alcohol and depression. But before David
did that he partied at the L.A. Roosevelt Hotel on New Year's Eve. David
decided it would be the "right-thing" to do for his family. Now how does
COURTENEY COX (his wife he's separated from) think about this?? She
admires him for his choice and will love and support him. God, I wish these
two would get back together.

Well my heart is broken because MACAULAY CULKIN & MILA KUNIS after 8
years together have broken up, they said they will remain good friends. Mila
is currently in the movie, "Black Swan" which is getting rave reviews.

Have you ever wondered about what's been going on with former Spice Girl
GERI HALLIWELL?? Well next month she has a swimsuit line called "GERI
BY NEXT" which is to inspire confidence with great-looking swim-wear for all
types of body shapes.

It looks as if LINDSAY LOHAN is starting 2011 on the sober-tip because not
only is she staying at the Betty Ford Clinic a few days more but now she's
following a saying from "Gandhi": "Today is first day of the rest of my life.
The future depends on what we do in the present".

Could MEG RYAN been the cause of the 20 year marriage break-up of JOHN
MELLENCAMP and his soon to be ex-wife ELAINE. Well Meg and John are
partnering together to make a new musical. Meg and John were together on the
red carpet in TriBeCa and Meg has been to many of John's shows. As for John
and Elaine although they're not together they will still continue to raise their 2 children
in Indiana.

So KIM KARDASHIAN goes from reality star to "singer", while hosting a New Years'
Eve bash at the TAO in Las Vegas she debuted her new single called, "TURN IT UP".
From what I heard the crowd liked it so much that they wanted an encore but Kimmy
only wanted to do the performance only once.

Somebody was caught smooching in the Caribbean, it was SELENA GOMEZ &
JUSTIN BIEBER. For two kids who say they are only friends, they were caught
making out in St. Lucia and in recent months they've been seen together arm-in-arm
at several occasions but even if they were more than buddies, they tried to keep it
"VERY" quiet. By the way, fans (especially females) have been on "Twitter" being
very angry that Justin has Selena as a girlfriend.

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