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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Mon Dec 6th, 2010
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Well I wanted to start this week off with "great" news about TAYLOR SWIFT.
Taylor's been named "Entertainer of the Year" by Entertainment Weekly making
her the youngest winner ever at 20. In her newest album "Speak Now" she talks
about the men who "dogged" her in dating them most especially JOHN MAYER.
Well now she's dating JAKE GYLLENHAAL this might be her new prince charming.

Did you hear about how ELLEN BARKIN is getting "paid". Her ex-husband RON
PERELMAN of REVLON is giving Ellen $4.3 Million for her involvement in the production
company they started.

CHRISTINA AGUILERA is finally talking about her divorce from JORDAN BRATMAN admitting
it was "unhappy" and "unhealthy" for 5 years. But she's more worried for their baby MAX because
Chris feels that in an unhappy marriage the kids always suffer and that's not what she wanted.
But she's getting happier with MATT RUTLER (set assistant from the movie, "BURLESQUE".)
especially when he took Chris to meet his parents in his Rhode Island home.

Poor JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE pulled his calf music while filming his upcoming sci-fi thriller "NOW",
but he's taking a brief hiatus to recover then back to filming, the movie also stars AMANDA
SEYFRIED. By the way, Justin is also the voice of "Boo-Boo" in the new YOGI BEAR movie.

So JOSH DUHAMEL got kicked off a plane from New York to Kentucky and you won't believe the
reason why. Josh pulled out his Blackberry and began texting when the male flight attendant told
him to turn it off, Josh refused. So then they turned the plane back and had Josh escorted off,
Josh was only texting about the flight's delay.

ARETHA FRANKLIN "THE GODDESS OF SOUL" (even though you all call her "Queen") has just
went through surgery days ago. But she had a wonderful visitor stop by: "REV. JESSE JACKSON",
who said she was doing well and been very prayerful. Thankfully Aretha's procedure was highly
successful and she praises the doctors and nurses for their work.

Remember kids everyday you can look a my videos for a taste of what you will find out on
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