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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Tues Dec 7th, 2010
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BRITNEY SPEARS who just turned 29 on December 2nd spent a romantic
vacation with her boyfriend JASON TRAWICK in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (now
didn't he smack her up a few weeks ago which they are "now" trying to deny).
She ended up getting a private villa and Jason even arraigned a red velvet cake
for her birthday. From what I heard that Brits' and Jason are very happy and more
closer than ever.

So you heard that "Pineapple Express" star AMBER HEARD has come out as a lesbian
(I know you men are quite turned on now). But Amber was the the GLAAD 25th Anniversary
Saturday night with her girlfriend of 2 years TASYA VAN REE. Amber said that she didn't
want to hide the truth any longer (congratulations Amber).

In the last few years MIKE TYSON has done a lot of growing up because just recently he made
an appeal on television to help a boy from Jersey City needing a bone marrow transplant. It's
actually Mike's close friend whose 8 year old son needs the transplant and Mike was on LARRY
KING LIVE last Thursday to make an appeal for potential donors to come forward.

Remember "American Psycho" starring CHRISTIAN BALE, well it's going to become a musical.
It's been in development since 2008 and the producers bought the rights to adapt the 2000 film
(there was a novel made in 1991.) Doesn't this kind of remind you of "Sweeney Todd" in a way.

ASHTON KUTCHER'S lawyers are threatening Legal Action because Ashton's name was used
to promote a sex tape. Vivid Entertainment are releasing a new video that stars BRITTNEY
JONES who made a claim that she slept with him, there was a press release that said: "Ashton's
fans will undoubtedly enjoy seeing with the star himself may have experienced." Well Ashton's
attorneys have threatened legal action if his name isn't removed, they used his name in a boost
to heighten sales. As we speak, Vivid Boss STEVE HIRSCH did receive the letter and they sent
it to Steve's attorney and they said that they are responding accordingly, in other words: Ashton
got his F***in' name taken out.

Did you hear that WILL & JADA PINKETT-SMITH'S daughter WILLOW will be performing on Richard
Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve (even though it will be past her bedtime.) The 10 year old will
perform alongside "LA ROUX", "NE-YO", and "NATASHA BEDINGFIELD" (who I met when I worked
at Pulse 87 and she was such a darling woman.)

MICHELLE WILLIAMS is getting a little bit chubby (no she's not pregnant) but she's in a new movie
called, "Blue Valentine" where she put on about 15 pounds. How did she do it you ask, she eats
lot of "ice-cream". She eats a pint of ice-cream for breakfast and dinner and the rest of the day,
"avocado sandwiches".

DANE COOK'S half-brother DARRYL MCCAULEY has been robbing Dane's money. Darryl was
Dane's business manager and just 2 years ago Darryl was arrested in Massachusetts because
he was stealing from Dane by forging a check to himself. Now Darryl got sentenced 5 to 6 years
in prison for larceny, forgery, and embezzlement. Get this, Darryl has to now repay Dane back
every cent of the $12 Million Dollars he stole from him, can't even trust family to handle you own

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