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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Mon Dec 13th, 2010
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After 4 years together and 2 children, NICOLE RICHIE and JOEL MADDEN
finally tied the knot Saturday Night. They married at the L.A. estate of Nicole's
famous dad, LIONEL RICHIE. There were 130 guests and also in attendance a
trained elephant (don't ask me why that what my source told me). They went all
out with their wedding to make it an old Hollywood glamorous feel.

Another wedding to tell you about is "Better With You" star JOANNA GARCIA and
NY Yankees outfielder NICK SWISHER were married also on Saturday in Palm Beach.
It was a very star-studded affair like CAMERON DIAZ, REBA MACENTIRE, LANCE BASS,
were in attendance.

Hollywood is going "a-buzz" over a video of MILEY CYRUS partying for her 18th Birthday
and was caught smoking a "bong". Now of course when you smoke a "bong" there's
usually marijuana but inside this bong there was "saliva" which is a *legal herb that has
hallucinogenic effects (*-legal in California). So Miley looks into the camera and is having
a bad trip, she even though she saw ex-boyfriend LIAM HEMSWORTH. I think that she's
acting out because of her parents (TISH & BILLY RAY) recent divorce after 17 years of
marriage. Check out the clip: http://www.tmz.com/2010/12/10/miley-cyru....delic-birthday- party-hannah-montana/

Can CHRIS ROCK be any "cooler", wait till I tell you what he did. Friday Chris was at the Westfield
Garden State Plaza Mall in Neiman Marcus just browsing the aisles. He noticed a pregnant
woman's water broke meaning she was going into labor, Chris helped the lady and stayed by
her side till the medics arrived. Of course in Chris Rock fashion while they were waiting for help
he was entertaining the crowd by making them laugh.

When the ball drops in Times Square for New Year's Eve 2010 so will "SNOOKI", let me explain
what I mean. On MTV's "New Year's Bash" they are planning to drop Jersey Shore star "Snooki"
from the roof of the MTV Headquarters right in Times Square. Snook's will be enclosed in ball that
will be lowered from the MTV's 1515 Broadway Offices and into the crowd below. But Snook's
won't be doing all the work because the rest of the cast will lead the crowd in the largest
"fist-pump" ever that could go into the Guinness World of Book of Records.

It's more family drama for the holidays with the LOHAN family, now DINA has filed papers against
ex-husband MICHAEL for not paying his other kids ALI and CODY (LINDSAY'S brother & sister)
enough child support. Now remember a few months ago I told you that Michael was paying child
support to a woman in Montana that he claims is not his child, but Dina lodged a complaint to
the child support collection unit in Nassau County saying Mike owes her more than $30,000. Dina's
angry because Michael seems to be paying more money for the child in Montana than paying for
Cody & Ali. What's so interesting is that Michael and Dina were in court Christmas Eve fighting
over child support last year and here they are exactly a year later fighting for child support again
during the Christmas Holidays.

"JWOWW" of the Jersey Shore has a book coming out in February 2011 called "The Rules
According to JWOWW". In the book she will teach you the secrets of landing a mint guy, staying
fresh to death, kicking the competition to the curb, and even saying that, "Hair should belong on
your head and nowhere else". But her ex-boyfriend TOM LIPPOLIS is suing "JWOWW" because
he said that he managed her and she never paid him not one dime.

Well that's all for today kids remember everyday to look at my videos on FACEBOOK (under
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