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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Tues Feb 1st, 2011
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You all know that CHARLIE SHEEN has had stomach pains
which lead to a hernia, when you hear this story you'll know
why. In the last six months Charlie has spent "crazy" money
on hookers and drugs (mainly coke), as much as half-a-million
dollars. He was giving hookers gifts like cars and paying to fly
them on private jets to spend time with him. One girl he was
with a porn star named KACEY JORDAN who said Charlie was
on a 36-hour sex, drugs, and booze bender, she's never seen
anyone so self-destructive. Kacey even said he gave her a
check for $30,000 and then had the nerve to ask her to babysit
his at a mansion he was setting up to be his sex palace. When
Kacey left Charlie in his L.A. home before he went to the
hospital, she said he was butt-naked in his bed smoking cocaine
from the pipe, Kacey was actually worried that Charlie was on
the verge of dying.

How cute are these two??? If you were at the Ichiban Japanese
Grill and Sushi Bar in Baton Rouge, Louisiana you had a
surprise appearance from lovebirds JOE JONAS and ASHLEY
GREENE ("Twilight"). The managers said they were very friendly
and when word got out they were there the kitchen crew and wait
staff stayed late hoping to get a picture. Ashley and Joe posed
for pictures and you can see them on Facebook. Ashley is in Baton
Rouge filming "TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN" , she and the rest
of the cast will be there for another 2 weeks.

Some wonderful news to tell you about CHRISTINA APPLEGATE,
last Thursday she gave birth to a daughter named SADIE GRACE.
She and her fiance MARTY LENOBLE welcome baby Sadie and
all are doing very well.

MARK WAHLBERG (aka "Marky Mark") wants to accomplish something
before his children graduate, he wants to get his "high school diploma".
Mark whose currently in "THE FIGHTER" plans to hire a private tutor to
complete his education, even though he has a successful Hollywood
career. Before Mark was a rapper, model, the Hollywood Actor he had a
bad childhood with drug addiction which lead him behind bars and to
drop out of school.

because during their annual tribute to actors who passed away in 2010, his
buddy COREY HAIM wasn't among the tributees. Even though Feldman was
understandably left "stunned" he hopes that he won't be ignored when the
Oscars airs on the 27th, he has faith the Academy will make a wiser choice.

Speaking of the Oscars, it's host JAMES FRANCO is going to host an after-
party in his new bar called "THE WRITER'S ROOM" in L.A. but he's being
"tight-lipped" about it. But from what I heard James not only be singing
at the Oscars but at this private after-party he will be singing as well. By
the way girls, you know who will be James's date for the Oscars: "His
Brother Dave!!!"

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