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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Wed Feb 9th, 2011
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Could Black Eyed Pea "FERGIE" and JOSH DUHAMEL become
parents. Well during the Super Bowl half-time show Fergie looked like
she was sporting a bump but fans were outraged because "The Peas"
performed with flat vocals and dancing and Fergie wasn't her "A-Game".
But during her surprise duet performance with SLASH people were
staring at "Ferg's" baby bump.

Congratulations to "Sex And The City" star CYNTHIA NIXON and her
fiancee CHRISTINE MARINONI because Christine gave birth on Monday
to son named "MAX ELLINGTON NIXON-MARINONI. This is Christina's
first child with Cynthia, and this is Cynthia's 3rd child because she had
a 15 year relationship with DANNY MOZES whose a photographer and
they have 2 kids, Samantha 14 and Charles 8.

As you already know "SMALLVILLE" is in its 10th and final season and the
series will wrap up with a 2 hour finale on May 13th. In the series finale
Clark Kent will soar towards his birthright to secure his place in history as the
world's greatest protector. The show that made "BIG" stars out of TOM
WELLING, ERICA DURANCE, and ALLISON MACK has a viewership of 2.7
Million viewers.

Kids I want you to remember this: "MTV: THURSDAY FEBRUARY 17TH at
9:56pm" because that's when BRITNEY SPEARS debuts her new video
"HOLD IT AGAINST ME" directed by JONAS AKERLUND. Ever since last
Friday Brits has put up new clips everyday until the February 17th premiere.
This will be her first single in 2 years and it the first single from her upcoming
album, "Femme Fatale" which is her 7th studio disc due out sometime in March.

Remember weeks ago I told you about MARY HARVEY, STEVE'S ex-wife who
was attacking him on YouTube saying Steve cheated in their marriage and left
her penniless after they split. Well now Steve is fighting back because Steve asked
to lift the gag order on their 2005 divorce proceedings. In their divorce settlement
Mary was paid $40,000 a month till March of 2009, then given a lump-sum of
$1.5 Million, and then awarded 3 homes. Now as for custody of their son WYNTON,
Steve was awarded primary custody and Wynton was willingly sent to Steve. Now
for the infidelity, the divorce was granted due to "irreconcilable differences", and
Steve's current wife MARJORIE BRIDGES was not the cause of Steve and Mary's
marriage ending.

It's getting really serious with KIM KARDASHIAN and New Jersey Net KRIS
HUMPHRIES because she took Kris out for his 26th Birthday on Saturday at hotspot
STK in Manhattan. She even had Kris's parents there because she wanted to get to
know them and from what I heard they hit it off. Something tells me and "engagement"
is not far behind.

We talked Monday about LINDSAY LOHAN stole $2,500 necklace from a jewelry store
in Venice, California but she claimed that it was "loaned" to her. Well today she's
getting charged with one felony count of grand theft the L.A. District Attorney has
announced. Later this afternoon she has to show up for an arraignment where she
could face several years in state prison. Lindsay will be represented by SHAWN
CHAMPMAN HOLLEY whose an attorney will defend Lilo in court. By the way
the cops had a warrant to search Lindsay house for the stolen necklace but it had
already been returned to the store. Lindsay Good Luck Today!!!

Sunday Night I will be back on www.partyradiousa.net at 6:30pm & 7:30pm talking
about all the crazy celebrity gossip on a show called "NEW MUSIC SPOTLIGHT
WITH TONY SANTIAGO" Sunday Nights from 6pm-9pm. Also you can look at my
daily gossip videos either on FACEBOOK (under Kenyatta Simpson) or YOUTUBE
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