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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Thur Feb 10th, 2011
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I hate to start today with a break-up story but as I told you yesterday,
JUDE LAW & SIENNA MILLER have ended their relationship again.
A close friend of theirs said the breakup was mutual and are still
friends. Jude and Sienna got engaged in 2004 then broke up in 2006,
but reunited in 2009 and have been dating until a few weeks ago.

This has to be the funniest most embarrassing "diss" I think I have ever
seen. Monday night PRINCE performed at Madison Square Garden
while he looked down at the front row, who did he see? "KIM
KARDASHIAN". So he asked her to come up on stage to dance with him
and when she got on stage this is what happened: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-72R9JZejxU&feature=related
So after that embarrassing moment Kim got a second chance later in the
evening and Kim danced her heart out while Prince played the piano.

BRANGELINA are going to have another baby, no Angelina's not pregnant.
However I hear they are in the process of adopting a 4 year old Haitian girl.
Since last February Angie has been in contact with adoption agencies,
government officials and charity workers since visiting Haiti. Now this child
will be number #7 and the names of the other 6 are: SHILOH, twins VIVIENNE
& KNOX (Brangelina's biological children) and MADDOCK, SAHARA, and PAX
(their adopted children). Now everybody sing: "THAT'S THE WAY THEY

Remember Friday I told you that JOSH DUHAMEL was on the Upper West Side
apartment hunting well there's a reason, he might be replacing REGIS PHILBIN
when Regis leaves this summer on "Live with Regis & Kelly". "Live with Josh &
Kelly" that would be fun to see them together again, remember KELLY RIPA
and Josh were on "ALL MY CHILDREN" together when it filmed in New York
City over 10 years ago.

Did you hear that they are making a "SEX AND THE CITY" prequel but without
Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda. This new prequel is about breathing
new life into the story and there was talk of bringing Gossip Girl star BLAKE
LIVELY into the mix but her reps say, "That ain't happening!!!"

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