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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Tues Feb 22nd, 2011
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So Sunday Night THE RANGERS were playing hockey at
Madison Square Garden and guess who got caught making
Matt is very private about his love life now and in the past,
so it was a surprise that he showed a public display of
affection towards Olivia. Olivia was rumored to have been
with CHRIS PINE ("Star Trek"), she's currently doing a movie
with SARAH JESSICA PARKER called, "I Don't Know How She
Does It".

EMINEM has a new video coming out called "SPACE BOUND"
which is his new single and his leading lady he's romancing
in the video is adult film star SASHA GREY ("The Girlfriend
Experience") they will play star-crossed lovers. This isn't
the first time "EM" has worked with a porn star because when
he did his "Superman" video in 2003 he also worked with

I usually don't talk about FAYE DUNAWAY but when you
hear this funny and embarrassing story, you will fall to the
floor, let's hope she doesn't chase us with "wire-hangers".
Faye was at JFK getting a flight to London's Heathrow, now
Faye had a coach seat but demanded she wanted first-class,
the flight attendant was told under strict orders not to
upgrade Faye's seat. So Faye was screaming to the flight
staff saying, "Do you know who I am??" but they still refused
to give her a seat in the business or first class (even though
they were free). So Faye still being as the flight attendant
called her, "A pregnant dog!!!" was still acting up. So when Faye
went to sleep right next to her empty seat someone put a
bunch of "wire-hangers" when Faye woke up the passengers
were laughing at her, and Faye had "The look from Hell", so
she got up and did yoga in the aisle to calm herself down.
By the way, this week Faye threw another tantrum at the
Sunset Tower Hotel in Los Angeles when she was shown
a number of suites (including one for disabled people). Well
Faye went at it again telling the bellman "Do I look F***in
handicapped to you???" She went downstairs to curse out
the hotel staff.

Good News for you KIEFER SUTHERLAND fans, he's returning
to "FOX-TV". Last year he ended his hit "24" and will star
in a TV show called "TOUCH" about a father who discovers
his autistic son can predict the future. Kiefer loved the
script and was drawn to the series.

ROSIE O' DONNELL is a single gal again because she and her
girlfriend TRACY KACHTICK-ANDERS have ended their
relationship. They dated 2 years ago and Tracy had 6 kids
while Rosie had 4 of her own with ex-wife KELLI CARPENTER).
But from what I heard Tracy and Rosie weren't living
together but just nearby and are still going to remain good
terms because their 10 kids are very close.

The 'TWILIGHT' gang have arrived back in Vancouver
yesterday to film the "BREAKING DAWN". ROBERT PATTINSON and KRISTEN STEWART flew in together on a
private jet but had to arrive separately at the Sheraton Wall
Center Hotel because they had to go through customs.
Sunday Night MACKENZIE FOY arrived (the 10 year old plays
Edward's and Bella's daughter), MIA MAESTRO and MYANNA
BURING also came into town.

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