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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Fri Feb 25th, 2011
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So did you hear that LADY GAGA invited LIZA MINNELLI
to her show at the Garden Tuesday Night. Gaga had
insisted that Liza come backstage for a meet-and-greet
and Liza has become such a big fan that they might just do
a duet together. Liza was very impressed that Gaga got on
the piano with her sensational voice that Liza called 'strong'.
Liza has worked with modern acts like "Pet Shop Boys" and
"My Chemical Romance".

"MY, MY, MY", RIHANNA is certainly playing the field with not
2 but "3" men. Now when she ended her relationship with
CHRIS BROWN she ended going to "DRAKE" and that was
the first one. Then at the Grammy Party over 2 weeks ago
she was seen hooking up with RYAN PHILIPPE (who had
just ended his 3-month romance with AMANDA SEYFRIED),
from what I heard Ryan banged "RI-RI", and not just once.
But Rihanna ain't finished yet, now she trying to get with
COLIN FARRELL since they did a recent appearance on "THE
GRAHAM NORTON SHOW". I even hear they been sending
sexy text messages to each other. So the question is, "Who
will Rihanna choose???"

So I told you weeks ago that MARIAH CAREY & NICK CANNON
are building 2 nurseries for their twins upcoming birth, one in
L.A. and the other in New York. From what I was told the
twins will sleep in a $2,200 cribs and they even will have a
$3,000 changing table. I even hear Maria is working with
famed designer KENNETH BORDEWICK to oversee every

CHARLIE SHEEN has offered to buy his ex-wives: BROOKE
MUELLER & DENISE RICHARDS homes. The reason he's
done that because he wants to be closer to his children and
just recently he moved to a gated community in the
Hollywood Hills. Charlie has 2 daughters 5 and 6 with Denise
and from Brooke twin boys who are almost 2 years old.

KEITH OLBERMANN who formerly worked MSNBC seems to
have a "thing" for girls in their 20s. Tuesday Night Keith was
spotted with a brunette in her 20s at the Mermaid Oyster
Bar in the Village. He waited 15 minutes for his date to
arrive and when she did they had a 3-hour dinner. This isn't
the first "20s" girl he's dated, he also dated WNBC reporter
KATY TUR who was only 24 at the time.

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