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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Fri Mar 18th, 2011
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Well there's more breakup news to tell you about today and
Of course their reasons was busy work schedules. But they
said that it was mutual and amicable even though they started
dating last summer. They were hot and heavy on Ashley's
24th birthday party on Feb 19th in Las Vegas, he even gave
her a Chanel Charm bracelet.

While fans are starting to get over the breakup of JUSTIN
TIMBERLAKE & JESSICA BIEL, but from what I hear Justin
has been trying the last 2 years to leave Jessica because it
didn't feel right. Jessica wanted to marry Justin and that's
why it didn't feel right, it broke her heart. But he actually
had broke up with Jessica at the end of January which left
her totally blind-sided.

Now you all know I've been following the paternity story about
if RYAN PHILLIPPE is the father of ALEXIS KNAPP's baby and
we are still awaiting the results. But Alexis is saying that if
Ryan "is" the father she's not going to pressure him to be involved with the baby whose arrival date is June, but Ryan
will provide for the baby if it's his whether Alexis wants help
or not.

SANDRA BULLOCK is not only a great actress and lady, but
she's incredibly generous. The Oscar winner donated
$1 Million Dollars to America Red Cross this week to aid earth
quake and tsunami victims in Japan and from what I hear it's
the largest celebrity donation since the disaster. This isn't
the first time Sandra has given her millions away to a great
cause, she gave away another $1 Million Dollars last January
to the earthquake victims in Haiti.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN will appear on a ABC-TV Soap Opera
on Monday March 28th, "ONE LIFE TO LIVE". She will play
Kassandra who gets in trouble with the Llanview Police
alongside Cristian Vega played by Latin Hottie whose been on
the soap 13 years, DAVID FUMERO. On that same episode
WENDY WILLIAMS (who yours truly will be in her studio
audience on her talk show Wednesday March 23rd) will be
playing gossip columnist Phyllis Rose. One Life To Live airs
weekdays at 2pm on ABC.

Today BILLY RAY CYRUS will appear on "THE VIEW" and he
admitted he's dropped the divorce because he wants to
repair his and TISH's marriage and to put the family back
together. You know that in October Billy and Tish were
going to end their 17-year marriage and months later MILEY
was caught on video smoking "salvia" out of a bong. But
at one time he blamed the "Hannah Montana" fame for the
bad marriage but it wasn't "Hannah Montana", it was the
"Fame". But he admitted that if Miley wasn't a celebrity
the family would be in a better place.

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