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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Thur Apr 28th, 2011
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You already know that KATE HUDSON is expecting a baby with
her new boyfriend MATT BELLAMY ("MUSE"), but guess what
else Kate and Matt are engaged. Matt proposed to Kate in
New York last week but she wanted to keep the engagement
a secret. But yesterday Kate was on "The Today Show" and
MATT LAUER asked about the ring on Kate's finger and she
finally caved in and said she and Matt are engaged.

Recently LINDSAY LOHAN appeared on "The Tonight Show
with Jay Leno" and admitted that when she got the 4
month jail sentence she felt "numb" but the bond was paid
and she doesn't have to serve jail time but has to do
community service. You know she's playing "Kim Gotti" in the
mob movie: "Gotti: 3 Generations" and she has a plan to win
an Oscar by the time she's 30. Even Jay asked about her
relationship with her father MICHAEL, which she "pleaded the
fifth" on that.

TRACY MORGAN ("30 Rock") admitted he's not a "CHARLIE
SHEEN" fan and doesn't find any humor about what he's
doing. Tracy said he feels sorry for Charlie's 2 twin boys
(Bob & Max) and see Charlie as a train wreck waiting to happen.

Well I started today off with an engagement and now here's
engagement #2: KRISTIN CAVALLARI ("The Hills") and
Chicago Bears quarterback JAY CUTLER after dating only 8
months. Jay popped the question when they went to Cabo
San Lucas and they have been celebrating their engagement
all last weekend.

One of "THE JERSEY SHORE" girls is eating for two, or in their
words GTL (not Gym, Tan, and Laundry but "Gym, Tan, and
"LABOR"). Well she's eating for two: It's "ANGELINA".
Angie got engaged to DAVE KOVACS in February and he's
confirmed to be the baby's daddy. No word yet on when
their baby's due.

Kids, we are in some serious "DEJA-VU". PARIS HILTON'S
boyfriend CY WAITS was attacked outside a California
courthouse. Now get this, Cy escorted Paris into court where
she testified against Nathan Parada (he was the guy who
tried to break into her home last fall with a knife). So all the
sudden an onlooker named JAMES RAINFORD lunged at Cy
and was detained by the police. James was the same guy
who was arrested lurking outside Paris' home last October.
He pleaded no contest to civil assault and was sentenced to
3 years probation, well after this incident, James is headed to
jail for some time!!!

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