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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Tues May 17th, 2011
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As you know TIA MOWRY-HARDICT is about to become a
mom on July 3rd, not to mention another blessing of "THE
GAME" getting renewed for the 5th season. Now twin sister
TAMERA got married Sunday to Fox News Channel
Correspondent ADAM HOUSLEY in Napa Valley. Tia was
Tamera's matron of honor and Adam had his brother ARIK as
his best man wearing tuxedos and Converse sneakers (that's
what my friend Rogner and Niki did for their wedding in
February.) During the ceremony the couple presented each
of their parents with long-stemmed roses. "TIA & TAMERA
TAKE 2" will debut on The Style Network this summer.

KATY PERRY & RUSSELL BRAND are starting to become "New
Yorkers" because they are selling their Beverly Hills, California
Mansion for $4 Million Dollars. In 2009 they bought the
Mediterranean-style house for $3 Million Dollars and will now
make their New York apartment their main home.

ALEC BALDWIN will be rejoining the cast of the movie musical
"ROCK OF AGES". Alec had a mystery illness which is why he
urged producers to find a replacement because he wasn't
sure if he was able to commit to the project. Alec will play
nightclub boss DENNIS DUPREE.

Originally MEL GIBSON was suppose to do a two-minute cameo
in "HANGOVER PART 2". But director TODD PHILIPS said
that the reason why Mel was cut-out because the crew
didn't want Mel because of his rage-filled phone rant with ex-
girlfriend OKSANA GRIGORIEVA and her allegations he attacked
her. At first it was said that ZACK GALIFIANAKIS was the one
that didn't want Mel in "The Hangover" sequel but now the
truth has finally come out.

PIPPA MIDDLETON certainly knows how to live it up because
over the weekend she was spotted in Spain with her ex-
boyfriend and ex-college roommate GEORGE PERCY. They
were partying in Madrid with some friends till 4am Saturday.
They partied at "The Penthouse" and Pippa was wearing a
black jacket, miniskirt, and stilettos. Then on Sunday Pippa,
George and the rest of the group were sightseeing, even
George and Pippa were rowing together in Retiro Park. Now
she and George are only good friends because she is in a
relationship with financial trader ALEX LOUDON who was her
date at her sister Kate's Royal Wedding 3 weeks ago.

Guess who is following each other on "TWITTER": "RIHANNA
& CHRIS BROWN". You remember 2 years ago Chris hit Rihanna black-and-blue before the American Music Awards.
Chris was told to stay away from her and the restraining order
was relaxed earlier this year. But now Ri-Ri has added him
over the weekend to the already 384 people she follows on
"Twitter" already and Chris has added Rihanna too. But from
what I heard they been talking to each other privately quite

Well get your hankys out, DONALD TRUMP is withdrawing his
bid for the presidency 2012. Recently he made headlines
when he raised questions about where PRESIDENT OBAMA
was born. He said the decision was not easy or without
regret and if he was to have ran he would win the primary
and the general election, well modest Mr. Trump is not.

18 year old NICK JONAS is dating a woman whose almost 10
years older than he is. The girl is named DELTA GOODREM
and she is an Australian pop star. On Sunday they were
spotted together at Arclight Cinema in Hollywood. But it looks
like they been together for awhile because in March Delta
tweeted a photo of her and Nick grinning with their arms
around each other. Nick dated MILEY CYRUS & SELENA
GOMEZ in the past and Delta was engaged for 4 years to
BRIAN MCFADDEN who was once in the boy-band "WESTLIFE",
But Delta and Brian broke up in April. Very interesting she
was still with Brian at the time she started getting with Nick.

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