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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Wed June 22nd, 2011
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It must be cool to be JOE JONAS because while he was in
Milan for the Calvin Klein Men's Fashion Show, many girls
camped outside hoping to get a glimpse of Joe, but then
the female fans followed Joe to his hotel at "The Principle Di
Savoia" where he took a photo of the crowd and left the
photo on "Twitter".

The secret romance of LEONARDO DICAPRIO and BLAKE
LIVELY ("Gossip Girl") is start to become "out in the open"
because they were spotted together at a Coffeehouse in
Carmel, California. Blake was buying two cappuccinos while
Leo was waiting outside with a tucked low baseball cap and
they took off for a little stroll.

THE OSBOURNES (Ozzy & Sharon) are so cute, do you know
how they keep their romance alive??? Ozzy sends Sharon
dirty messages while he's away on tour. Ozzy is currently
performing on tours in Europe so Ozzy has taken up texting
in order to send her very racy messages. Now that's true
love right there.

R.KELLY is being sued by his former manager JEFF KWATINETZ because Jeff said "R" owes him more than $1 Million Dollars in commission cash that "R" agreed to pay him.
Jeff said that the millions "R" made was used to pay off the
people that accused him of sexual misconduct. Jeff said
he helped revived "R's" career 3 years ago when "R' was
fighting child porn charges, he ended up not being guilty of
the 14 counts against him. "R" is saying that Jeff's complaints
are all fabricated.

NIVEA (who was "The Dream's" ex-wife and "Lil Wayne's
ex-girlfriend) was arrested over the weekend in Atlanta for
drunk driving. Nivea attended a wedding reception that
Saturday Night and had crashed her Mercedes into tree trunk.
Nivea had a child in the car with her who wasn't hurt in the
accident but she told the cops she had only 3 drinks during
the party and wasn't drunk at the time of the incident
(although when the cops arrived she had bloodshot eyes
and smelled like alcohol.)

Yesterday PRINCE WILLIAM turned a young 29 and he and
KATE just spent a quiet day at their new home of Anglesey,
North Wales. Well that's understanding because they are
going to be touring North America for 11 days. From what I
heard Kate is trying to make private arrangements with
designers to help make her tour wardrobe.

Fans of "GLEE" should listen up because at the end of next
season LEA MICHELE, CORY MONTEITH, and some others
will be replaced. The show creator RYAN MURPHY will have
the kids graduate and leave for good, he didn't want to have
a show that the same characters would stay high-schoolers
for 8 years. But MATT MORRISON and JANE LYNCH will be
staying put for the series seeing that they are the other
male and female icons of the series.

ASHLEE SIMPSON has a new man, and his name is VINCENT
PIAZZA ("Boardwalk Empire"). They were spotted in New
York kissing and holding hands. She just split up with her ex-
husband PETE WENTZ but a few months after their divorce
she and Pete were holding hands making people believe they
were going to reconcile.

Before I go I want to you see a you tube commercial and if
your into "swinging" then here's something you'll be very
interested in: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVHtjAAjC4c

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