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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Mon Nov 4th, 2013
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You know I've done the gossip reports for almost 5 years and when I heard who
had done a sex tape, I just said...."I JUST CAN'T!!!" In 2009 "TORI SPELLING
AND DEAN MCDERMOTT" decided they want to spice-up their marriage, so they
set up a tripod and put up their video camera, and then "WHOOOOPEEEE!!!"
But a former friend of theirs stole the tape and tried to sell it 2 years ago. They
sent the man "a cease and desist letter" and they never heard from him again
or the tape ("for now??")

Well it didn't last when it comes to LINDSAY LOHAN sobriety. Last month she got
so drunk at an L.A. party her friends were holding her up. She even has been
going to New York bars sneaking vodka inside and staying at bars past dawn.

Since his brawl at THE W HOTEL with another man in Washington D.C. CHRIS
BROWN has been attending rehab to focus on his past behavior to make sure
he has a healthier vantage point. He's still on probation till next year for beating
up his former girlfriend "RIHANNA".

This past Saturday "OPRAH WINFREY" (who I affectionately call "MOTHER O")
held a yard sale on the polo grounds in Santa Barbara, California. She promised
that it would be the biggest sale ever that would take at least 3 tents to sale. The
benefits will go to her "LADY O's LEADERSHIP ACADEMY FOR GIRLS" in South
Africa. She claimed she's collected things since 1985, and she got an "Autographed
Electric Scooters", "A 19th Century Doll", and even "Louis the XVI chest of drawers
(which I heard costs about $50,000). But Oprah calls this decluttering her life and
not being too attached to things.

Halloween just passed Thursday and "MILEY CYRUS" dressed up as "Lil Kim"
(and the costume she wore at the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards). Well Miley
was at "THE BOOTSY BELLOWS CLUB" and would you believe she was kissing
(or rather they) "BENJI MADDEN" from "GOOD CHARLOTTE" they were in a car
they shared holding an open bottle of alcohol, and hopefully not driving.

How does "BLAKE LIVELY" keep her sexy and fabulous figure??? "By eating
lots of chocolate!!!" She eats it for breakfast and as an evening snack to help her
have that slim, confident look. Blake has just become the new face of "L'OREAL
PARIS" and her beautiful complexion is due to wearing L'Oreal sunscreen every
single day, also being at the spa at New York's Mandarin Oriental which makes her
feel even more beautiful afterwards.

As you know November 20th JAY-Z is working with BARNEY'S to sell items
(although in my opinion, he getting the backlash he deserves because of
the store's racial profiling because 2 black shoppers were spotted in separate
incidents and asked how they could afford to buy expensive designer items).
Well Jay is moving on from that and is going to promote his first fragrance
called "GOLD" (you know it took Jay 3,200 names to come up with that one).
He's planning a big marketing push to celebrate "Gold Fragrance" which if it
does well he'll expand it to shower gel and deodorant lines.

KIDDING". Actually they posted a joke on his Instagram account joking that
Katy accepted his marriage proposal and she said, "yes". They're both in
Tokyo, Japan while Niall and One Direction promoted their 100 date "TAKE ME
HOME" World Tour. While Katy promoted her latest single, "ROAR". Katy, by
the way is still with "JOHN MAYER". Remember back in 2012 at "THE MTV
VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS" they shared a kiss after Katy presented Niall and One
Direction with the best Pop Video Awards for their "What Makes You Beautiful"

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