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run away artist, tomorrows love slave?
Date: 2007/08/02 19:52 By: smickipooh Status: Visitor  
dare i suggest to the minion of men in this critical dating period of time, being in my mid thirties now, i have finnaly been conqurered.... it happened when i was peruzing the fellow house mates issue of allure, or mademouselle... shoot i forget the name of it, but two days later she started reading it and saw my, um, " doodleings".. she almost busted like a water ballon, full of hatred and tears and so mush anger... it was an issue with scarlett johanson within it, I had read most of it at night in between cigarettes and dishes... oh, i think i was makeing some fresh brushetta too. anyway, when i turned to the models full page picture i sort of well, lept out of my chest, and being the dude, that i am, had to compose myself, so i drew a street scape picture, with lamp post and mud puddle and curbs, with a little caption, beside it, i forget now, if it was a french caption or just one like "rain drops keep..." but then again, i did draw it... the damned struggle us artists go through... she seen that damned picture days later and attempted to kick in my door, and get to me... that darne was crazy, she in the following three months proclaimed hatred and angry intent, towards me every day and every time she was sober and not running aroung the house in her nighty trying to find her boyfrined, which was getting rude toward the end... any way, i just need to congest to all of you... and this coming from a published poet.. never, and i mean never.... define your imagination in a way that is no longer your own... dont allow your thought and your positive, even humiliating way of expression, to be intertwined with someone so complicating and contemptuous as, well the allure and glamour and madamouselle reader... please dont try to find out why just take my word for it...
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