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Tips for saving money
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Cut out all unnecessary spending. Ouch! Sound painful, I know. But it's more painful to not have money for the things that you need because they were spent on items that you can live without. So cancel all of those magazine subscriptions. Conquer your mocha habit and keep the Starbucks coffee money in your pocket. These tips for preparing for a recession will mean you'll have money available when you need it the most.
Do not overspend on food. Food can be a huge percentage of your monthly spending. The cost of extra value meals and even $1 menu items adds up quickly. So instead of eating out utilize these two tips for preparing for a recession: learn to cook from scratch and pack your lunch for work instead of eating fast food.
Lower your electricity bill by following these tips for preparing for a recession. Use the AC and heater less. Instead open windows and use ceiling fans in the summer; and, wear sweaters and use throws in the winter. Only turn on your unit if the weather is too extreme not to.
Lower your water bill. Only shower long enough to get clean. Don't leave the water running when brushing teeth or washing hands. Water the lawn the bare minimum. These are just a few tips for preparing for a recession. Your water company's website may have even more information on water conservation.
Get the lowest service plan that works for you. Maybe you can use a 500 minute a month cell phone plan instead of the unlimited calling one. Try adjusting to basic cable instead of having all of the premium services.
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Tips for saving money
iluvgossip 2009/03/02 23:56