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Kenyatta The Gossip Girl Mon Apr 19th
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Well I hope you kids had a great weekend because I have great gossip to start of the week. Now did you hear CHRISTINA APPLEGATE of "Married with Children" and "Samantha Who?" has gotten engaged to her new fiance of two years, musician MARTYN LENOBLE, Christina is a breast cancer survivor and she said her goal this year is to find love, happiness, and joy. She definitely got what she wanted, congrats Chrissy and Martyn!

Just weeks after he came out of the closet, RICKY MARTIN is back with a brand new video, oh did I forget to mention he's going to be "naked", and a lot more than what you see in this pic. His video is called, "My Skin Talks" which focus on Ricky being reborn and as his naked body comes to life and inspiration tattoos emerges on his sexy skin. This looks to be very hot!!!!

So did you hear about "Death at a Funernal" star DANNY GLOVER got arrested at a protest in Maryland? Well on Friday there was a protest at the Sodexo Headquarters in Gaithersburg Maryland for workers complaining about low wages and their civil rights being violated. Danny and 12 people were arrested for trespassing and taking part of the protest against the Sodexo. Danny and the 12 people were released but he is happy about putting an end to rights violations.

Now that MEL GIBSON will pay ex-girlfriend OKSANA GRIGORIEVA child support for their 5-month old daughter, LUCIA from what I found out she will get about $13,000 monthly, which to me seems nothing over the $900 Million that Mel is worth.

Magician DAVID BLAINE is a huge fan of rapper king SNOOP DOGG, he's even made a request to perform his magic before Snoop's big performance at the First Anniversary of the Chandelier Room at W Hoboken. Snoop was so impressed he yelled out of the room, "David Copperfield eat your heart out!"

Did you hear that an 84 year old World War II veteran NORH ROBINSON is pleading to OPRAH WINFREY to admit that he's her father. Norh is a farmer who is staying in a Virginia Hospital and is asking Oprah for a DNA test to prove that he conceived her in 1954. He sent letters to Mother O with no response but still wants her to call him and agree to take the test. Oprah has been raised by her mother, VERNITA LEE and Vernita's longtime boyfriend VERNON WINFREY. Oprah considers Vernon her father because he's the only father she's ever known but biologically he's not Oprah's father...very interesting isn't it???

TAYLOR MOMSEN is leaving "Gossip Girl" but admits that she isn't great friends with the cast in real-life, Taylor said their nice and cordial to each other on set but outside of that is a different story, well that's showbiz kids!!!

If you were at the 21st Annual GLAAD MEDIA AWARDS on Saturday April 17th in Los Angeles then you saw "GLEE" starring JANE LYNCH and CHRIS COLFER win Outstanding Comedy Series, my old co-worker at WKTU and treasured friend RUPAUL's show "RUPAUL'S DRAG RACE" won for outstanding reality program, and DREW BARRYMORE getting the prestigeous Vanguard Award for her efforts in increasing visibility and understanding for the gay community.

I told you last week that MILEY CYRUS is going to move into her $3 Million Dollar Toluca Lake mansion in L.A. this November. Well she's going to live with a new roommate, her Aussie boyfriend LIAM HEMSWORTH whom she met filming "The Last Song" last year. Miley parents' BILLY RAY and TISH adore Liam but aren't too crazy about them living together but they are going to have to get used to it because Miley will be 18 in the next few months.

Well kids that's all until tomorrow becuase you will can't begin to imagine what I will tell you next!!

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