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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Fri July 23rd
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A few months ago a photo was shown of "THE DREAM" was getting a lap
dance from his assistant. Now CHRISTINA MILIAN (his wife) you would
think would be angry over the photos, but she's not and that's because
they have been secretly separated since February. The Dream (alias: TERIUS
NASH) filed for divorce in February before Christina gave birth to their
daughter Violet and from what I was told there is no reconciliation in the future.

So just as LINDSAY LOHAN is spending time in jail now her father MICHAEL who
screamed, "I Love You Lindsay!" in the courtroom has been charged with second
degree harassment for attacking KATE MAJOR and will be arraigned on August 18th.
Kate was Michael's fiancee and she tells Southampton Police that he threatened to
kill her, it was so bad that when Kate was sleeping on their sofa chair at home, Michael
came in ranting, "Why didn't you pick up your cell phone, you stupid see you next tuesday
(we all know what that means). Then Kate said Mike turned over the chair, took off his
shoe, and kicked her in the face when she was on the ground. Now Kate dated JON
GOSSELIN and then she had quit Star Magazine where she used to work and then
just moved right on to Michael in just months. But Michael's side of the story is she's
broke, unemployed, and for the last 8 months has been living off him. I have more
LOHAN drama in a moment.

THE NEWLYWED GAME is coming back for a fourth season on GSN (Game Show
Network) but this time CARNIE WILSON will not be returning. I think the reason is
that something is wrong with her health because she suffered a dizzy spell while
taping the show last March, so now the show is looking for a new host. I'm old-school
but the only person that has always hosted "The Newlywed Game" most incredibly is

Back in the day I remember how gay men would call women "A FISH!" Well in the
Lynwood Correctional Facility that's what LINDSAY LOHAN is being called by her
inmates. Lilo's been given a "fish-kit" which contains a sandwich bag of small
toothpaste with toothbrush, three packets of deodorant and shampoo, and a small bar
of soap. This is what "Fishy-Lindsay" has to rely on for the next 3 months. But she
will be in her cell for 22 hours where she will be eating her meals and she can't smoke
or have internet access (no Twitty for Lindsay) but she can however watch TV like the
other inmates. This is so "OZ-Like" isn't it?? By the way I just found out that SAMANTHA RONSON (her ex-girlfriend) visited with Lindsay for about an hour and when Sam left the reporter asked her, "How's Lindsay doing?" When Sam snapped back and said, "How do you think she's doing?"

Well after a month I told you they were secretly engaged now ORLANDO BLOOM &
MIRANDA KERR got secretly "MARRIED!" Miranda was to make an appearance at the
David Jones store in Australia but cancelled the appearance and I just told you why. Well
all I can say to that is: "Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Bloom!!!"

Well kids have a wonderful weekend and remember to listen to me this Sunday on
www.partyradiousa.net on a great show called "NEW MUSIC SPOTLIGHT W/TONY
SANTIAGO" from 6pm-9pmevery Sunday, my weeks' review of gossip will be on at 6:30pm & 7:30pm.

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