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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Tues Sept 14th
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Now that I am all "VMA" out now let's get on to the regular gossip and a
former "Saved By The Bell" star and EXTRA host that has become a daddy:
MARIO LOPEZ. Saturday he and his girlfriend COURTNEY MAZZA had a baby
girl and I think that he chose the most darling name: "GIA FRANCESCA". He's even
thinking about writing a book and creating a reality show about being a first-time daddy.

It looks like MILEY CYRUS and LIAM HEMSWORTH are back together because they
were spotted having a lovely picnic together. They had broke up last month but just
recently they were spotted leaving together from Miley's Toluca Lake home and got
sandwiches and coffee from Starbucks before heading to their Hollywood Hills destination.
One person who saw them said they were missing each other just talking and laughing and
just catching up with each other, like they were a couple again.

So did you hear about DAVID BECKHAM was partying with JERSEY SHORE cast members
PAULY D and VINNY at the House of Hype VMA party at a private estate in L.A. David came
alone (while Victoria is here in New York for Fashion Week) and was escorted with security
to his table filled with Moet & Chandon champagne. Other guests that were there were

Well yesterday was the 25th and final farewell season of THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW
and when she came through the doors to a thunderous standing ovation she had MR.
JOHN TRAVOLTA coming out with her to greet her 300 most loyal fans and the surprises
and "FABULOUS" goodies kept coming, even Oprah herself (who hates surprise) got 2
very special ones of her own. The first was back in her debut syndicated show on
September 8, 1986 (where that was the day I started high school & my parents just got
married) where Oprah wanted to get DON JOHNSON on the show but he was too busy
because he was in Miami shooting MIAMI VICE. But 24 years later the audience started
screaming and when Oprah turned around, there he was with white glitter glasses on.
Oprah next surprise was a singer and it happened to be PAUL SIMON who sang a beautiful
farewell tribute that bought her to tears. But Oprah did something for her 300 fans in the
audience that bought them to tears and cheers to their feet, Oprah is treating them to an 8-day
first class trip to AUSTRALIA in December. By the way, Oprah and fans will also be at a special
taping on Tuesday December 14th at the Sydney Opera House. Here I thought she was going
to give away more cars.

Well that's it for today kids and I also do videos on FACEBOOK (under Kenyatta Simpson) &
YOUTUBE (under 73Gossipboy's). Also on Sundays listen to me and my friend TONY
SANTIAGO on www.partyradiousa.net the show is called "NEW MUSIC SPOTLIGHT WITH
TONY SANTIAGO" from 6pm-9pm and my gossip comes on at 6:30pm & 7:30pm.

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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Tues Sept 14th
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