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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Wed Nov 20th, 2013
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All of you know I'm a fan of "ONCE UPON A TIME" on ABC Sunday Nights.
Well it's stars who play "Snow White & Prince Charming", GINNIFER GOODWIN
and JOSH DALLAS are having their real-life fairy tale come true, "they're engaged
and Ginnifer's pregnant!!!" They are excited to be celebrating their upcoming

On Friday "PEOPLE MAGAZINE" will come out with it's "SEXIEST MAN ALIVE"
and the winner is: "ADAM LEVINE". He talks about everything in "People" about
how he loves being naked, how he cries at movies, and how he's looking forward
to marrying his Victoria Secret's Fiancee "BEHATI PRINSLOO". He credits his
sexy naked body to lots of yoga and spinning classes.

TAYLOR SWIFT who I told you about recently is house hunting in London
may have another British boyfriend "although they aren't yet admitting it".
Taylor has been spending time with "Romeo & Juilet" star "DOUGLAS
BOOTH", they met at the R&J premiere party in Los Angeles in September
where she was hanging out with best gal pal and Doug's co-star "HAILEE
STEINFIELD". On last Friday Night Doug and Taylor were at "THE HOLLY
BUSH" in London and they were alone in the backroom and talking like they
were on a date.

When FERGIE ("BLACK EYED PEAS") had her son "AXL" with hubby "JOSH
DUHAMEL", she said the name "Axl" came to her in a dream, she dreamed
she was in the audience at a Festival (She told ELLEN DEGENERS on her
show) and she saw them onstage signing JIM MORRISON, AXL ROSE, and
BOB MARLEY, she even said while the baby was in her womb he was
enjoying concert by kicking up a storm. So at first it was Marley, Morrison,
and then they picked up the name "AXL JACK", by the way "JACK" is his
middle name to honor Ferg's late uncle.

MADONNA has topped "FORBES MAGAZINE" highest paid musicians list
with a staggering $125 Million Dollars from this year alone. Her "MDNA"
tour last year grossed over $305 Million Dollars that included $75 Million
from her concert merchandise and $10 Million from DVD sales and TV
Rights. LAD GAGA (who just finished a successful guest hosting stint on
"SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE") earned $80 Million this year but I heard she was
accused of copying Madonna's "Express Yourself" because the song is
similar to Gaga's "Born This Way".

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